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Egg chair classic representative of Nordic design

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2020-03-12

Egg chairIs a famous designerArne Jacobsenin1958yearThe egg chair was originally designed for Copenhagen SAS Lounge chairs in the public areas of the Royal Hotel. The entire project covers the design of all elements from the building itself to the furniture in between.Arne Jacobsen Boldly expressing his minimalist and functional aesthetics design philosophy, it shows his extraordinary talent and persistent pursuit of design and craftsmanship.

The furniture egg chair has become a design work imitated by many furniture designers, and the design concept of furniture egg chair often appears in furniture textbooks.

Classic egg chair, English nameEgg Chair, Has been one of the best-selling classic styles in the world for half a century. It uses a fiberglass inner billet with a shaped sponge inside. The outer layer is imported woolen cloth or imported leather. , Black, white, brown), all hand-made, with a turning function, the whole looks noble and elegant.

The egg chair's organic shape, first-class comfort, and the unique space created by the chair's unique shape quickly swept the world, and is considered the most representative of Nordic design.

Designer Introduction

1958Na Jacobson designed this egg chair for the lobby and reception area of ​​the Royal Hotel Copenhagen. This oval chair has since become a sample of Danish furniture design. The unique shape of the egg chair opens up an undisturbed space in public places-especially suitable for lying or resting or waiting, just like home.

Na· Jacobson, whether he is an architect or a designer, is fruitful. He andFritz HansenCooperation between them can be traced back1934year. to1952Ants and series designed for the year7ChairFritz HansenAnd Na Jacobson's name simultaneously advances the history of furniture design. and50The Royal Copenhagen Hotel, designed by Na Jacobson in the late 1930s, has egg chairs, swan sofas and3300The series was introduced to the design world. As a result, he has become a well-respected and outstanding designer, whose furniture and other design products have become a national and global heritage.

Tengye High Replica Egg ChairArtificial one-on-one skin inspection and selection of leather materials, all sizes of scars and defective skins have been selected, and the toughness is insufficient.The skin is never in a stressed position, ensuring quality and zero defects. At the same time, sewing is adopted by senior teachers6Double-strand nylon stitching, smooth threading, each stitch length is accurate to6.6mmThe butt joints and corners are straight, smooth, smooth, and moderately tight. Three layers of thick cotton are added to the back of the egg chair, which is full, hand-stitched on the cloth surface, and bone on the leather surface. The streamline is smooth and flat.

The backrest and armrest are made of high-elasticity shaped spray-coated cotton. 30 ~ 50High-density one-piece virgin cotton, refuses black heart in raw cotton. Good rebound, good seat feeling, double-layer is more soft and comfortable, durable and durable,3Not deformed for years!