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Egg chair like an egg

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-20

This egg-like chair

You must be familiar at all.

Do you really understand it?

The Egg Chair was designed for the lobby and reception area of ​​the Royal Copenhagen Hotel.

Because the machine was not mature at the time, everything had to be hand-crafted, when designer Arne Jacobsen designed the egg chair in his garage.

The Egg Chair is made of FRP inner blank, the outer layer is wool fleece or Italian leather. The seat cushion and backrest are sized to fit the human body structure. There is a shaped sponge inside to increase the elasticity and resist deformation.

Four-star bright aluminum feet, egg chair can be rotated 360 degrees (with tilt function). Aluminum alloy feet and stainless steel feet must achieve a mirror effect, and the light shines.

Most of them are now used in the living room, and the choice of egg chairs that are more colorful than the overall color makes the overall space brighter.

A light-coloured living room or office lounge with a gray egg-shaped chair that blends with the overall tone is another feel.

The deep-colored space chooses a black egg chair, which is quite calm, and there is a sense of sight that seems to create a whole Nordic space with a chair.

The egg chair in the negotiation area is really comfortable and compelling. It’s no exaggeration to put a few more. It is very comfortable to watch.

The colorful and colorful spaces can also be controlled, and the quality is improved at once. Really magical, omnipotent egg chair.

Egg chairs of different materials are suitable for different functions, crowds and spaces.