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Eight home improvement styles are coming, super practical and fast collection!

There are no two identical leaves in the world, everyone has their own favoriteHome style,

Some people are obsessed with the Nordic style, some people are fascinated by the Japanese style,

Those who love to watch American TV dramas have a unique American style...

Today, Wogg's whole house custom small series is to check out the eight applicable home styles and see which one you like the most.

Nordic style

Whether it is a Nordic home that prefers vibrant or soft tones,

Grasping the three elements of "light wood, color, and plants", you can make spaceNordicEmbryonic form,

The white wall is very refreshing with the indoor planting, which also effectively reduces the sense of space confusion.

Choose from pastel or gray-blue sheets, pillows or rugs.

With white walls and light wooden tables and chairs, the suites are also easy to float out of the Nordic style.

No print

The modular design allows furniture, cabinets, etc. to be uniform, so you don’t have to buy all MUJI.

In addition to the most basic white and wooden "PP storage box, primary color iron pieces, rattan"Is the mainstream material of the non-print home,

Using these materials to create a neat storage space, you can capture the essence of the unprinted wind.

White and wood color are the keynote of the room and replaced by a uniform storage cabinet.

The small suite looks more spacious when the space is neat.

Industrial wind

It is not necessary to have red brick walls, cement powder and rusty iron pieces to create an industrial style.

Choose the storage cabinet or jewelry furniture of "black iron, leather, recycled old wood".

Walls can be decorated with industrial wind lamps, hanging pictures, decorative letters;

The living room is built through a leather sofa or an iron small coffee table.

If the budget is not enough, pick a work table that combines iron and old wood.

It is practical and can create a light industrial style with a little warmth.


A simple home is not necessarily an empty one.

Use "geometry, black and white, fine iron pieces" to enhance modernity.

Choose a black, gray and white colorless furniture piece, in addition to being good-looking,

It is not easy to make mistakes with other colors or elements.

Slightly increase the proportion of the black system,

It will make the visual look more degrading and make the home look more textured.

American style

In recent years, the American style has gone retro and the surf style of the West Coast.

Like the classic "school iron cabinet, caramel leather, wire board" can interpret the classic retro charm;

Choose a campus iron cabinet or use the barn door for the cabinet.

Both can add to the classic style of American retro.

On the other hand, the holiday styles on the West Coast of the United States are mostly made up of "Mexico blankets, succulents, banners" to create a relaxed and casual feeling.

Country style

The country style can be subdivided into American villages, Japanese villages, French villages, etc.

But absolutely can't escape the three elements of "wooden wall, floral totem, and hand-made woodwork".

Some will add red bricks, stone and other building materials to decorate, the purpose is to create a lazy and relaxed atmosphere.

The wood pallets can be processed slightly as bed frames, storage baskets and coffee tables, etc.

A single wine box can be used as a bedside table, which can be stacked to change the bookcase or shelf;

Rattan furniture also shows the simplicity and gentleness of the country.

New Chinese style

Ordinary people have a limited home size, so in the new Chinese style,

Use Chinese table and chair furniture with strong design,

Combined with the structure of traditional Ming and Qing furniture, the effect of “four or two pounds” can be achieved.

With a symmetrical Chinese cabinet with brass handles, the traditional culture feels like it.

Mediterranean wind

Don't forget the important thing in a Mediterranean-style house:

Be sure to buy some marine ornaments and put them at home.

Of course, if you have a piece of decoration, you need to have a suitable place.

The choice of lights is very important, and the inappropriate lights installed at home will be nondescript.

Furniture is also one of the main elements of the Mediterranean style.

Care must be taken in the choice of furniture, color, material, and shape must be taken into account.

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