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Fashion and luxury | style life, at your fingertips!

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-22

As young people become the mainstream group concerned about home decoration, “light luxury” is also becoming more and more popular.

The light and luxurious style of the home space not only expresses the aesthetic taste of the occupants, but also the constant pursuit of refined life by people in a busy life.

NowadaysChinese furniture manufacturer TengyeThe home space shared for you has a jumping and harmonious tone, pushing the door open, you can see the elegant and generous through the entrance.Guest restaurant.

The guest restaurant is a high-frequency use area for daily activities of the family. It is also the core space for interactive communication between family members. It is mainly grayish-white with a calm dark brown color. Metallic accented crystal lighting, coordinated with the grey leather sofa temperament, creates a low-key, luxurious living room atmosphere.

The restaurant's metallic proportions increase, warm-toned lighting, just the right paintings and ornaments, with a deep blue seat with a perfect sense of elegance and a white sideboard to create a fully functional dining space. A family sitting around the table, or gathering friends and family, can enjoy dining.

Into the master bedroom, the background wall is mainly dark brown, the warm wood color wardrobe is connected to the display cabinet, which can meet the storage needs, and also conveniently collect the objects that the occupants like. The furniture lines are tough, with ambient lighting, clean and tidy.

The second bedroom is lively, simple and has a girly feel. The white and brown main tones add pink, dreamy lighting, and unique wall decorations to create an imaginative space.

Create a home space that you like and make life your own way of thinking.

I hope this home space can bring you inspiration.~