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Five new growth points that the furniture industry will open in 2020

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-04

Then stand2020In 2015, when we look into the second half of the future, what are the possible growth points? There will definitely be growth points, but it is not necessarily suitable for yourself. From a large perspective, there are about a few new growth points.

Smart home | Do I embed you, or do you embed me?

Putting smart home in the first place does not mean that it is the sweet home of home furnishing enterprises, but it means that for the future industry and for the macro market, the growth of smart home will be more vigorous and bright. At the same time, to what extent the smart home will evolve, the result may be the most important suspense in the future of the home industry, and it may change and subvert the entire ecology.

Whether in China or the world, the smart home market has grown steadily over the past six years, with an average annual growth rate of45%. The concept of smart home is relatively broad, and currently mainly based on small household appliances and smart appliances. And in the future, with5GWith the continuous efforts of Huawei, Xiaomi and other technology companies in the smart field, there will inevitably be more furniture and home building materials products that will be involved in the smart home field in the future.

Smart wardrobes, smart cabinets, smart curtains, smart lighting, magic mirror wall panels, voice control, deep learning mattresses, will the future embed others' components in your furniture products? Or are you going to cooperate with others' intelligent systems? This is both a choice and a game.

Do I embed you, or do you embed me?

The game of the integration between Red Star and Ali

The future will repeat itself in the field of smart home

The result may be thrilling

Hardcover room | Prepare to work for real estate developers

The proportion of hardcover rooms will inevitably gradually increase in the future, which is consistent with foreign developed countries. And because of the"Super execution" and "super desire", Chinese hardcover rooms may be more "in place" than foreign hardcover rooms.

It is basic to make kitchens and sanitary wares well, and it is also a trend that kitchen appliances, storage furniture and fixed furniture are all equipped. In addition, various affiliated companies of real estate companies are carrying bags to check in, and they are also helping the owners to equip a series of products such as movable furniture and soft decoration.

When one day, the real estate agent has got the wife for the single owner (providing matchmaking), don’t be surprised!

For enterprises, working for a real estate developer has a low profit but a large amount. In fact, it is quite easy. It is better than no job to work, and it is better than the real estate developer who helped you to kill your own factory.

Following this logic, many categories may becomeTo BBrands, such as floors, tiles, bathroom, paint, cabinets. Some categories will face major threats and challenges, such as custom home_Especially when your three major factors of cost, price and service are neither real estate agents nor second-hand house decoration.

Old house renovation  | The future is "scalpel order"

With the capping and continued decline of the scale of new housing in China, according to Shen Wanhongyuan’s research report, it is assumed that15Reinstall once a year, to2025Annual inventory rooms (ie old houses) account for the number of decorated rooms will be close to50%. It is conceivable that the proportion of stock houses is increasing, and the proportion of hardcover rooms in first-hand houses is increasing. The renovation of old houses is bound to become a key market for home furnishing enterprises.

How to meet the old house market requires cultivating the content as soon as possible. It is certainly not enough to provide a single product. Space design, difficult solutions, partial assembly solutions, custom homes, including your local door-to-door service and installation standards, will usher in new tests and great challenges.

Every order is a scalpel scheme

Every customer may make you desperate

In addition, with existing traditional decoration companies, emerging fast-fitting companies, various types of assembly companies, cooperation or competition? It will also bring a lot of new problems.

High-end | Do business for the rich

The more popular the demand, the harder it is to secure. In the future, such an opportunity must be left to the head company, just as it is McDonald's rather than Qiaojiangnan that can handle most people. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the high-end market, especially the high-end packaged market, has nurtured more opportunities.

Ordinary housing is the same

Noble mansions have different temperaments

Whether it is a hardcover room or an old house renovation, as long as it is an ordinary house, there is no real decoration in the real sense. Poor people like cost-effective, rich people pay attention to the perfect harmony of temperament. Whether it is villas, large flats or top apartments, as well as high-end restaurants, clubs, high-end homestays, the demand for high-end decoration will intensify.

After all, as society develops

The rich are richer, the poor are poorer

Of course, the whole package does not mean that all products are produced by yourself, you can only provide some products or partial products. But this product must be its core and the pain point of consumers. For example, the treatment of the wall, because the color, pattern, and material of the wall panel are the key points and pain points that determine the effect of the whole house.

From this point of view, the current whole-house self-contained enterprise (whatever he is called) currently has a leading wall system, as long as there is no problem with internal management and marketing of the enterprise, it will face a fairly good growth in the future.

Happy economy | Business that makes a person comfortable

In the past, household products, especially furniture, emphasized that"Family" is comfortable. However, with the increasing proportion of single adults and the full rise of personal enjoyment consciousness, the so-called happy economy (whether married or not, emphasizes the economic needs caused by personal enjoyment), the single economy (the economic need for a single life), The lone economy (a lonely life and consumption) has gradually become a strong driving force for the future home consumption market.

Luxurious and generous3+2+1The sofa with chaise longue will gradually withdraw from the core battlefield. On the contrary, single sofas, single sofa chairs, recliners, and high-quality single chairs will gradually sell well and become another furniture product that is closest to FMCG after the mattress.

Based on the same reason, a good desk, a good single bed and a mattress will also become more and more popular.

In addition, there are solutions based on personalized enjoyment (needs), which can truly make custom-made bookcases, tea tables, book cases that the hostess loves, and dressers, kitchens, and overall wardrobes that the hostess can fall in love with.

These products have existed before, but in the future you need to design and make them more perfect, more deeply rooted in people's hearts, and better meet the needs of professionals. This may include personalized thinking and satisfaction, or it may not be included, but the core is specialization, which is a deep insight into the user experience, not the designer’s self-righteousness.OK, Or almost the same, so sloppy, men, women and children are common.