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For home life, the more simple, the more classic and the better.

  • Author:Teng
  • Release on:2019-06-28

When we don't know how to deal with one thing, let's use the simplest and straightforward way.At the beginning of this fresh and brightIn the summer season, for home life, the more simple, the more classic and the better.

Just as life never needs too much modification, simple and comfortable is the most comfortable state. Such life may be pursued by urban people.

The logs that have left the soil nourished are cut open and the natural texture isThe furniture offers a chic and simple frame.

In modern decoration, minimalism pursues the simplicity of the living space and rejects unnecessary"vanityAnd it is very popular. However, simplicity is not equal to simplicity. Simplicity is a taste, an atmosphere and the most straightforward decorative language, while simplicity is a method and means of saving things in terms of complexity. The two are essentially different.

Compared with the traditional style, the simplicity presents the design elements that eliminate all the cumbersome design, and the most straightforward decorative language reflects the atmosphere created by the space and the furniture, thus giving the space personality and tranquility.

It does not require extra space and no excessive jewelry."shelter.

For designers, grasping the overall space, finding the elements that create the room's taste, and selecting the matching items and furniture are more complicated than the design in the general sense. Therefore, simplicity is not simple, but a A complex consideration and design.

Since the pursuit of simplicity is an atmosphere of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, it is indispensable to create taste, and the imagination and pursuit without passion can not be done. Although minimalism advocates the simplification of the elements of the living room, it is not without taste, but to give space more inspiration and a deeper theme.

For example, pure white is the best tone to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere in the living room, while the bright lines are the best way to reveal the freedom and space. The white harmony and the simple color style in the living room create the structural stability. At the same time, different ceiling heights divide the living room into two parts, which makes the slightly empty living room produce changes in rhythm and contrast.

The living room can use floor-to-ceiling glass, and the large-area glass introduces the outdoor natural environment and natural light into the living room, making the living room spacious and bright, expanding the visual living room range. The jumping yellow sofa brings a sense of embellishment, and the chic tea table reveals a romantic charm. The elegant living room atmosphere shows the designer's ingenuity and reflects the elegant style of the owner.

It is not difficult to see that the use of color, through the dramatic treatment and light communication, the subtly combining the relevant elements is the enlightenment and feeling brought by simplicity.

Simplicity also requires the selection of boutiques, attention to detail, rather than simply making or spending less. Because the space is purely destined for people to see the goods and furniture at a glance, so the items and furniture are the most dazzling. Because it is simple and straightforward, it is the most comfortable lifestyle.