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Formaldehyde, formaldehyde, what do you smell?

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-22

Recently I read the news and said that there is a customer who spends12Wan bought furniture, and as a result, the formaldehyde of the furniture he bought exceeded the standard.

ThenToday ’s dry goods knowledge is an important topic that is repeatedly mentioned, repeatedly mentioned, and repeatedly mentioned--formaldehyde.

Is there no formaldehyde in solid wood?

Formaldehyde: I am here!

1. There is no odor in the interior, which does not mean that there is no formaldehyde. When you smell an odor, it means that formaldehyde has seriously exceeded the standard.

2. 40%The aqueous formaldehyde solution is what we often call "formalin".

3. Formaldehyde is a pure natural product. It is ubiquitous in nature and includes formaldehyde in trees, animals and humans.

4. It is normal for the trees themselves to contain formaldehyde, even if it is solid wood, it does not exist at all0formaldehyde.

5. The formaldehyde in the floor or various cabinets is mainly derived from the glue used in the wood processing process.

6. In addition, not only wood, some fabric upholstery may also contain formaldehyde.

The poison of formaldehyde is particularly serious, and it must be cracked down!

Formaldehyde: what about… (Whisperbb)

7.  Formaldehyde inIARCOn the list of carcinogens along with benzene, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco1Carcinogens.

8.  When the concentration in the indoor air reaches0.1mg / m?When there is odor and discomfort.

9.  When the concentration in the indoor air is reached30mg / m?Can cause death immediately.

Completely remove formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde: I really want you to see how I roll my eyes!

10. Formaldehyde will be continuously released, and the emission time can be as long as3 ~ 15year.

11. Don't blindly believe in "drying the house", the test results should prevail.

12. We cannot completely remove formaldehyde, and all we can do is to control the formaldehyde content within the standard line to reduce its harm.

Vinegar smoked formaldehyde? Does green plants absorb formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde: Your group of humans are also very funny, right?

13.  The higher the temperature, the faster the formaldehyde will separate from the adhesive.

14.  The vinegar fumigation method increases the release of formaldehyde because of heating, and vinegar can only mask the odor of formaldehyde and has no treatment effect.

15.  The method of removing formaldehyde from green plants has little effect. Even if the entire room is given to Luluo, the effect may not be ideal.

16.  Green plants can't survive for a long time in indoor rooms with high formaldehyde concentration.

17.  Putting basin water to absorb formaldehyde is not reliable. The water basin has a limited area, a small amount of absorption, and formaldehyde will also volatilize when dissolved in water.

18.  Lemon and grapefruit peels can only mask the odor of formaldehyde without any formaldehyde removal effect.

19.  The charcoal pack can only passively adsorb formaldehyde around itself. If the charcoal pack that adsorbed formaldehyde is not replaced in time, the absorbed formaldehyde will be released again.

20.  The diatom mud wall has the same principle as the charcoal pack. It has no purification ability and will only continuously suck formaldehyde.

Understand the basic information of formaldehyde Help you live a better life

Strong ventilation, fresh air system, air purifier...

Formaldehyde: Let me go!

twenty one. Choose materials that meet the standards and prevent formaldehyde from the selection of materials.

22. E1Wood-based panel=Can be used directly indoors;E2Wood-based panel=It must be used indoors after finishing.

twenty three. National standardE1Level is safe enough and easy to buy. Have a more ample budget, you can consider the CaliforniaCARBStandard JapaneseF4Star standards.

twenty four. To judge whether the quality of the board has reached the grade standard, seeCNASThe recognized certificate is authoritative and easy to understand.

25. When the outdoor air is good, opening the cabinet and opening multiple windows to force ventilation and convection is the most effective way to remove formaldehyde.

26. The fresh air system is less efficient than opening windows, and can be used as an auxiliary means when windows cannot be opened.

27. There is no "formaldehyde" in the indicatorCADRThe "value" air purifier has no purification ability.

28. "Formaldehyde of air purifierCADRThe higher the value, the faster the purification rate.

29. Air purifier'sCCM"Value" represents its "purification endurance", the higher the value, the longer the purification.

30. In addition to formaldehyde, the new home also has benzene andTVOCWhen polluting gas exists, please use a reliable formaldehyde treatment company to handle it together.

to sum up:

Choosing home improvement materials that meet the standards, prevention is very important. Then, remember that vinegar ca n’t be done, green plants ca n’t, lemon, grapefruit, orange (persimmon, plum, pear)...) can't do it ...

The most useful method of formaldehyde is to force ventilation through convection by opening the window. When the window cannot be ventilated, use the fresh air system for ventilation. Plus some green plants, charcoal bags, air purifiers and other auxiliary treatment.

If you are rich and in a hurry, please ask a special and reliable formaldehyde treatment company to come to your door.