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Friends who want to customize the furniture pay attention, these points need attention

  • Author:Tengyi smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-22

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pursue individuality, and custom furniture has become the first choice, because custom furniture is not only customized, but also can choose the shape and material that you like. But people who have customized furniture know that custom furniture has a big inside."Learning", if you don't pay attention, you may run into the pit.

Specifically, there will be some misunderstandings that are easy to encounter. Let's take a look at it.

Misunderstanding 1:

All furniture is custom made:

Custom furniture is suitable for families who have stricter space utilization and have a large demand for storage. Custom furniture can better shield the beams and columns and maximize space utilization. It is also possible to customize the cloakroom, tatami, wine cabinet, etc. as needed.

in conclusion:

For furniture that requires high space and storage requirements, it is recommended to choose custom.

For families who prefer to change the style of the furniture and have a lower storage requirement, the finished furniture can be selected.

Misunderstanding 2

Everything is completely handed over to the manufacturer

So-called"The difference is a thousand miles," especially during installation. Like a negative angle, if the angle is not just good90Degree, when the cabinet is installed, it is impossible to fit close to the wall surface, and there must be a large gap between the side vertical panel and the wall surface. If the ceiling cabinet is to be installed with expansion screws or lifting codes at this time, the gap means that the expansion nails cannot be completely fitted, and the force is unstable, which may present a large safety hazard.

in conclusion:

Custom furniture is just one part of your entire renovation. It can't be isolated, it has to match all the items of wall, wall, top, floor, baseboard, door, door cover and so on. Therefore, in order to complete the customization and the quality of the final presentation, the owner needs to strictly demand the various types of work in the base equipment process. In addition, in the hydropower transformation project, it is best to take pictures at any time to record the position, direction, and nodes of the pipeline. Prepare for the basics of customization.

Another important point is that if there is a new wall, be sure to confirm the material of the wall. For the original wall, consult the developer or property about the structure, material, and load-bearing capacity of the wall to ensure sufficient strength. Used to fix the wall cabinet, shelf, etc.

Misunderstanding three

Communication with the designer is not thorough

The so-called custom furniture requires the owner to ask for needs and opinions to facilitate the designer to tailor the owner. Before the custom-made furniture is officially signed, there will be a meeting with the designer. You need to sort out how many clothes, pants, shoes, books, etc. you have in your mind. They are used to how to place them and how to use them. Describe in detail with the designer to confirm your needs.

Some owners did not fully communicate with the designer before the customization, resulting in unsatisfactory design after completion. Not only did the designers feel embarrassed, but the mood of the owners was also hit. Therefore, after the designer has completed the plan, the industry will carefully review it and not let go of any details. As long as there are doubts, you should ask the designer, listen to him how to explain, and listen to how he designed your needs in the program. Until you design a plan that will satisfy you.

in conclusion:

If you want to customize the furniture, you should try to participate in the design, so as to ensure the suitability and practicality of the furniture. Of course, we must also pay attention to the fact that not all requirements can be realized, and we need to discuss the completion with the opinions of the designers.

Misunderstanding four

Make all the available space as a cabinet

It is a good thing to have enough storage space. After all, there will always be a lot of things to put in the house. However, the overcrowding and the cramping of the line are contrary to the original intention of custom furniture. Can not be customized, occupying excess space affects the quality of life.

Secondly, most of the custom furniture is fixed furniture, which is difficult to remove when installed. If one day the house wants to re-decorate, or adjust the function of the room, it will be very painful.- And the cabinets that are individually designed according to the specific spatial scale are placed in another space, and there is a high probability that there will be problems that cannot be placed or applied.

in conclusion:

Custom furniture, enough to use, storage should be rational, many people do a locker alone in the house, the result is usually the old things that will not be used again, a two-meter wide, half-meter deep cabinet covers a square meter So, there is no need to be all cabinets in all directions. Estimating ahead of time according to your own lifestyle, it is more reasonable to customize on demand.

Misunderstanding five

Custom colors and styles are completely unified

The pursuit of color coordination is important, but the pursuit of unity is not perfect.

in conclusion:

Regarding the color matching of furniture, the general designer will give corresponding opinions and suggestions. The color needs level and transition, the style needs to echo and match, and the same color is forced, but it is easy to have a sense of oppression.