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From the design exhibitions in Cologne and Paris, see the four popular trends of home design in 2020

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-05-26

Just like the fashion circles and the color industry have to release fashion trends every year, there are also fashion trends in the home furnishing industry. The products of major home furnishing exhibitions each year lead the aesthetic and wind direction of the entire home furnishing industry.

2020year1In February, the Cologne International Furniture Fair and the Paris Fashion and Home Design Exhibition opened as scheduled, attracting outstanding contemporary designers and interior decoration style brands from all over the world. Combine with the signals released by the exhibition products, explore together with the kitchen and bathroom Jun2020The trend of home design in 2016.

1,Warm and rich colors, bold color matching

With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics, the requirements of home design on color matching are becoming higher and higher. A single color matching can no longer meet the needs of users. Designers need to use richer colors to make furniture diversified and personalized.

The world's most authoritative color agencyPANTONannounced2020Fashion Color of the Year-Classic Blue(Classic Blue PANTONE 19-4052). The classic blue symbolizes self-confidence, elegance, and simple leisure.

Classic blue can be easily applied to many different materials, textures, and surface effects. Through unique color combinations and tonal styles, the space is transformed to create a stable and comfortable home atmosphere, create a pure texture, and give people peace and peace of mind.

In the past few years, the gray-tone home design has been popular, and the industrial style is very popular. However, the large area of ​​dim and cool colors will give a single feeling of coldness and cannot create an imaginative space.

Now, people prefer warm and rich tones, prefer to replace neutral colors on furniture or walls with warm natural colors, and are more inclined to look for colors and elements that can inspire enthusiasm for life.

along withPANTONEThe recovery of the color card, the more artistic color-changing aesthetic collocation has become the designer's new favorite, and will surely become2020New ideas for color matching for home furnishing. This year's Cologne International Furniture Fair is a large-scale color fashion show, also for2020The home furnishing color provides a reference. Dutch high-end imported furniture brandLeolux"This time with new products at the furniture exhibition, the use of color-matching collocations allows the space to show fashion avant-garde.

In the past, furniture, walls, and floor designs all used the same light shades of taupe, gray, and white. Today, this very simple color style is considered too conservative, not breakthrough enough, and lacks personality and excitement.

The use of color is based on the premise of ensuring comfort, try as much as possible, and boldly match. The wall decoration does not have to use light colors. Vibrant honeydew orange, quiet dark blue, and even the mysterious eggplant color can be used boldly.

Large areas of color matching, avant-garde contrast color matching, with the most fashionable and gentle color matching, create an expressive space and a full of personal atmosphere, reinterpret the quality of modern home.

2,Terrazzo is back in fashion, returning to the home design world

The fashion trend is an endless reincarnation, and no one thought that the terrazzo, which was popular in the 1980s and 1990s as a standard in hospitals, airports or campuses, would return to the home design industry by its face value and become popular again.

Returning to people's eyes again, it was no longer the original gray brick. Unlike the cement terrazzo of the 1980s and 1990s, the terrazzo now basically solves the defects of rough surface and low cost, the material is more delicate, the surface is smooth and bright, and the texture makes it bring nostalgic effect and show no trace The vulgar high-end sense is highly favored by the modern home furnishers.

The rich and varied colors, the grainy appearance of the size, and the advanced process technology have brought a new coat to the terrazzo. A new generation of terrazzo shapes and combinations form endlessly, with a rough and original unique atmosphere, which has brought many new inspirations to designers and also brought more rich changes to the spatial level.

Small particles+The use of a small area can bring a better space experience, with a strong sense of decoration; use solid colors+The terrazzo of the same color system can create a real sense of layering. Like the color scheme of the wall, the off-white neutral color is more attractive and classic.

In addition to the traditional off-white background, the terrazzo background color also shows a diversified trend, and a variety of base toners have a varied atmosphere. The overall shape is not too serious, nor too naughty, the boring wall has more jumping colors, more flexible, and with the help of lighting, it is easier to create a warm home atmosphere.

The texture of terrazzo has been fully extended to all categories of household products. Designers use this relaxed element in the design of tables, coffee tables and even lampshades. The use of terrazzo as an embellishment in household products also makes people The eyes lit up.

For example, the application of the terrazzo lamp is like a lonely planet at night, exuding a fascinating light, which is incomparably beautiful, and can also echo the large terrazzo wall or floor tiles in the bathroom.

3,Smart home, smart life

This year's Cologne International Furniture Fair unleashes a leading trend in the home design industry——Smart home. In its4.2In the pavilion "lets be smart"'S exhibition created a" smart village "(Smart Village)The concept of intensively shows the added value of cutting-edge technological innovation to the home environment.

Smart homes cater to and meet people's needs for more high-end comfort in future life. With the advancement of science and technology, intelligentization makes life smarter. This is one of the future development trends of home design. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, it has further promoted the demand for contactless, safer and healthier smart homes.

In modern life, there are already many mature smart devices: smart sweeping robots, smart toilets, smart door locks, smart sensor switches, etc. Smart homes not only make our lives safer and more convenient, but also give us a quality of life Improving, high-end comfort is the only choice for more and more young people. Therefore, in the future life, there will be more intelligent devices applied to a wider range of home scenes.

4,Environmental protection concept, the eternal trend

2020Home Furnishing Design advocates sustainable design and a healthy ecological environment. No matter how popular trends change, environmental protection is always an eternal topic.

Judging from the works exhibited at Cologne International Furniture Fair this year,The themes of "green environmental protection" and "sustainable development" are particularly prominent. Trend observerVincent GrégoireIn this year's Paris fashion home design exhibition, it was said that consumers in the new era prefer environmentally friendly, organic and natural products in the choice of home design.

These young people are very supportive of environmentally friendly products, while also paying attention to the permanence of products, advocating the consumption of barter and second-hand transactions, bringing the concept of upgrading and reengineering to life aesthetics.

With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, people are trying to integrate more sustainable life concepts into home design. Nowadays, marble tiles have become a popular material in home decoration. Firstly, they fully absorb the soul of marble beauty, and the texture is unique, which can bring a very artistic design inspiration to home designers; secondly, as a renewable artificial stone , More environmentally friendly, but also allows the product to last longer.

In addition to the use of environmentally friendly materials, it is also possible to creatively use waste items and ingeniously transform home life, which is both environmentally friendly and fresh. Creativity is an endless force, and the pursuit of creative home furnishing is precisely our protection of the environment on which we live, and through the power of environmental protection to make ecology better.

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