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Furniture Fair Review | D&U booth surprises constantly, and another storm of popularity

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-09-18

September 12,The 26th China International Furniture FairIt ended perfectly in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. The five-day exhibition,More than 2,000 brands gathered in the 300,000 square meter exhibition hall, bringing a lively and extraordinary home furnishing industry event.

Tengye's global designer co-brand——D&U made its debut in the exhibition, Bring a new series of furniture products and explore an unprecedented space for artists’ residences.

Wonderful appearance, fascinating

In 2020, all experiences will reshape the thinking about home.lie inThe D&U booth in the E4 Pavilion is decorated with warm gray as the main color, which not only fully highlights the artistic beauty of the furniture itself, but also shows the warmth and tolerance of home.

The overall booth is simple and open, throughThe exquisite glass wall design on the facade shows a bright red bottomThe LOGO and the highlight scenes inside the exhibition hall, and the fashionable atmosphere fascinating to explore.

From outside to inside,D&U pays attention to every detail of the exhibition, so that every friend can experience different high-quality furniture when entering the exhibition hall, and also feel the brand's focus and dedication.

New furniture, surprises constantly

D&U advocates the design concept of "Designed for you" and "Designed for you". In this exhibition, six brand-new furniture series are brought out in a home scene-oriented way, which constructs different forms but the same beautiful home life. daily.

"Enjoy yourself" series

"Follow Light" Series

"Oasis" series

"First See" series

"Home" series

"Candlelight" series

The six furniture series are arranged in the exhibition hall in an orderly manner, covering the living room, bedroom, dining room and other home spaces, and intuitively present the use scene of the furniture. From the entrance to the exit of the exhibition hall, changing the scenery step by step, the space area of ​​each series has a different visual experience, which explains the current popular space style and life attitude.

Home is the beginning and end of life, and every corner of the home should be what you expect. Whether you like high fashion or artistic, you canThe D&U booth found the furniture in mind.

Focus on quality, originality

During the exhibition, Tengye founder Mr. Tan Shixiang acceptedCCTV "Craftsman · Ingenuity · Craftsmanship" interview.

Tengye was foundedIn 16 years, along the way, the ingenuity has not changed. Life can never be finished. Furniture is not only an object, but also expresses people's expectations for a happy life. From designing, selecting materials, to making, and leaving the factory, Tengye constantly researches craftsmanship, perfects every detail of furniture, guarantees high quality with high standards, and matches people's imagination of home with the understanding of a better life.

(Video showing the interview session:30-40 seconds)

Designed for you, wonderful to be continued

In the exhibition these days,There was a constant flow of people at the D&U booth, and the unique new furniture series attracted a large number of onlookers and consultations, and the popularity was extremely hot.

(Show popular videos)

The D&U team received customers and friends from all corners of the world with professional and in-place services. During the exchanges and negotiations, they discussed new possibilities in the home furnishing industry and jointly sought good business opportunities.

The exhibition came to an end, butThe excitement of D&U continues.

Let art return to life, visualize modern life inspiration with ingenuity and craftsmanship, the futureD&U will launch more high-quality products to make home life better, so stay tuned for the next encounter!