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Furniture and floor colors don't match? After reading this article, you will also become a softc

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-02

Tips for floor matching

1. Select the floor color according to the lighting conditions: for rooms with insufficient lighting, the floor selection is mainly based on high brightness and suitable colors; for rooms with good lighting, the floor can be freely selected;

2. According to the color visual effect selection: color will affect the human visual effect, warm colors are expanded colors, cold colors are contracted colors. Therefore, the floor of a room with a small area should choose a cool color of dark tones, which will make people feel that the area is enlarged. Conversely, large rooms can choose warm colors.

3. Choose according to the nature of the floor: Because the floor decoration is a permanent decoration, choose a neutral color. Light-colored furniture can be combined with light-dark flooring arbitrarily, but the combination of dark-colored furniture and dark-floor flooring must be careful to avoid"Black"Depressed scene.

4. Match well with wall colors: Since they all occupy the largest area of ​​room color, the match between them is critical.

Floor matching case appreciation

After reading the above collocation tips, is it still a bit hazy, and a more intuitive match is coming!

The color of the varnish after brushing directly on the pine floor is slightly yellowish, creating a very warm atmosphere.

The white floor, the quiet atmosphere of the home.

Choose a pinkish ivory color to form a sense of unity with the black tea floor.

The combination of white walls and dark brown flooring makes the space of a small apartment look very large.

White floor, white as snow.

This floor color is a small apartment wild color.

Blue-green floor, fresh pink tone.

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