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Furniture industry experts explain the four keys for you to choose a sofa

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2020-02-25

Nowadays, the daily necessities of life are dazzling, and the wrong choice is not only uncomfortable, but also may affect health. In this issue of "Choose Care", we invite authoritative experts to teach you to choose healthy and cost-effective products.

Whether it's a visitor or a rest, you need a sofa. If the sofa is not selected well, it will not only destroy the beauty of the family room, but also bring adverse effects on the indoor environment. In this issue, a reporter from Life Times interviewed Zhang Jiancheng, deputy secretary general of the Tianjin Furniture Industry Association, to help everyone choose the sofa that suits them.

Size: Three seats are usually enough

Zhang Jiancheng said that according to the number of family members, room size and other sofas, usually three can meet the needs. Don't pursue large sofas, which will increase the burden on the living room, cause waste, and pollute the environment. Before buying, you should first measure the width of the house door, community passage, elevator, stairs, etc. at home to avoid the situation where the sofa cannot enter the door. There are many assembled sofas that can take down cushions, backrests, armrests, etc. This is a good choice for families with small public spaces. When choosing a sofa, you should consider the sofa's four feet flat, no scraps, and clean appearance.

Environmental protection: View inspection report

According to the National Product Product Marking Regulations and the sixth item of the "Consumer Product Use Instructions" and other regulations, when selling sofas, businesses will clearly label the sofa leather, frame, support legs and other components, filler capacity, environmental standards, etc Instructions. Before purchasing, ask the manufacturer whether the content of pigments, organic volatiles, and chemical adhesives meets national standards. Also look carefully at the description of the components, the inspection report of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. In addition, when purchasing, you can stay around the sofa for a longer period of time, make sure that the sofa has no irritating odor and does not make people feel uncomfortable before buying.

Material: fabric is better than leather

At present, sofas are mainly fabric, leather (leather or artificial leather). The leather sofa feels fine to the touch and easy to clean, so it is popular. However, leather sofas are less breathable, especially when sitting on them in summer. In the process of making leather sofas, manufacturers will use chemical adhesives, pigments, etc., which may cause some pollution to the interior. Moreover, leather sofas are bulky and inconvenient to move. In contrast, fabric sofas have good air permeability, use less chemical adhesives, and have a low weight. They have also been well received by consumers in recent years. However, fabric sofas are less resistant to dirt than leather sofas. When buying, be sure to ask the merchant how to clean them.

Height: sitting above the thighs parallel to the ground

When choosing a sofa height, you must consider that according to ergonomic standards, sofas are generally lower than chairs. At present, the country has not issued relevant standards and specifications for the height of sofas. You can choose the height of the sofa parallel to the thighs sitting on the floor.

Flexibility: sit down and see the resilience

When shopping, be sure to sit on the sofa and stand up to check the elasticity of the sofa cushion. Although some businesses advertised "down cushions" and "soft", most cushions are filled with foam. If the seat cushion rebounds slowly after sitting down, it is caused by the cushion pad content being too low or poor quality.

(Reprinted from: People's Network)