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Furniture will not be selected, be careful to become the whole house "formaldehyde" custom

As we all know, the quality of the decoration materials directly affects the amount of formaldehyde released, but there are many different types of decoration materials on the market, and for those who do not know well, it is inevitable that it will take some effort. Will even be brought in by the merchant"0"The formaldehyde pit, we must know that there is no" zero formaldehyde "material. At present, there are only environmentally friendly materials with less formaldehyde content, so how do we choose qualified environmentally friendly materials from the selection of materials?

In the living room, the road surface is covered with floor tiles without wooden floors. Floor tiles do not contain glue, so it is not easy to have formaldehyde. The fabric sofa and TV cabinet of the large living room should be as simple as possible in the design style of solid wood materials.

Avoid using wallpaper and wall coverings, and use the simplest way of latex paint. Many people may think that latex paint is not as good-looking if it is not upscale. Latex paint is used in many TV series+The way of decorating objects is cost-effective and fashionable. At the same time, shell powder as a new type of environmentally friendly coating is also a good choice.

The key is the bed and the wardrobe. The bed must be an empty bed underneath. Many people will choose the interior space with storage, but usually the locker under the bed is a part of a large number of plates, which increases the release of formaldehyde, so that The formaldehyde concentration increases. The empty bed below is naturally ventilated and easy to use, which is conducive to the emission of pollutants in the air, especially in the children's room. The bed is made into a bed, so you don't have to make it into a wardrobe or locker.

When it was just renovated, the taste was not big, but after long-term use of the furniture, the taste was very big. There is no doubt that the furniture is the main source of temperature. Because the wood-based panels, blockboards, medium density boards, and plywood adhesives used in decoration and building materials and furniture formaldehyde is released when the wind breaks down, which is a key source of formaldehyde in the room.

When choosing furniture, please choose furniture made of solid wood panels that comply with environmental protection standards as much as possible. Because the composite board generally contains a large amount of binder containing formaldehyde, and the deep layer exists in the board, resulting in the continuous slow release of formaldehyde.

Commonly used mattresses can be divided into three categories: natural latex mattresses, spring mattresses, palm mattresses. These three mattresses are all covered by the surface layerTVOCEnvironmental pollution, but it is attributed to environmental pollution in the short term. Generally, there is no problem with sufficient natural ventilation and drying for a period of time. The most important thing is the palm inside the palm mattress. If it is very hard and cannot be pinched in with your fingers, it means that a lot of glue has been added. The glue will be very hard after it dries out.

Two other points are very important!

Have"Scent" materials can not be bought

Furniture that is not fully edged cannot be bought

The excessive formaldehyde pollution is mostly caused by the superposition effect of formaldehyde release. The achievement of a material or furniture does not mean that all the furniture in the home is still qualified. Therefore, the bedroom decoration in the home should be simplified, too much home decoration can easily cause the cumulative effect of environmental pollution and formaldehyde pollution.

Therefore, it is harmful to the health of family members. It is necessary to judge whether the air quality environment in the home is safe. The most accurate one is to use professional technology as a reference and choose a formal air quality testing and governance company. Aurora Borealis is a company that has been deeply involved in the environmental protection industry for many years. Air purification products, professional environmental protection companies with a good reputation in the industry, are trustworthy, let's take a look!

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