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Great design of the 20th century-the home of the owner of the Eames chair

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-09

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"Design is for living."

Designed for life

Yes1940year-1950A motto popular in the design world in mid-year.

The main promoter isCharles EamesversusRayCouple, they work together to bring furniture design into a new trend, modern and fashionable, elegant and simple, and taking into account functionality

The beauty of the shape not only creates the imageLCWOrRARSuch newLOOKTo meet the needs and convenience of users, it is also hoped to bring a pleasant experience to users.

Eames (Eames ) The designed works always clearly tell people the simplest structure and quality.

The Eames’ own home (Eames House) Located in Los Angeles, as20The landmark of modern architecture in the mid-century is a painterRay And architectCharles Eamess home

Here, they have created their own world and lifestyle. All furniture and handmade products at home are created by themselves.

The Eames are involved in a wide range of subjects, from furniture, toys, and architecture to painting, display, and photography, all of which are brought together in their carefully designed homes.


Keywords: hue, frame, translucency

Eames HouseIt consists of two separate two-storey buildings, with a residence on one side and a studio on the other, and a small courtyard connecting the two buildings.

The windows of the entire building are black steel frames, using transparent and translucent glass. In order to reflect the diversity, the white andEamesThe classic color of furniture "blue red black

"As a panel. The design of the exquisite glass structure comes from the improvisation of Ames. He used traditional industrial lattice beams to create a standard structure, which consists of a span2.25M, depth6The composition of the opening of the meter.

The composition of different glass forms a different light effect under the perennial sunlight of California and the blue water of the Pacific Ocean, and the tree shadows of eucalyptus on both sides of the house make the whole construction

The interior of the building is full of magical tones, which is the charm of light created by the architect.

Inside the building, the ribbed bottom surface of the ceiling is exposed and painted white, like a steel beam. The mezzanine can be reached via a spiral staircase with plywood steps.

The partition that imitates the Japanese screen can slide freely, and it can adjust the light through it. The combination of transparent and translucent glass creates different light effects, plus swaying

The eucalyptus trees make the interior of the building full of magical colors. The entrance of the house, facing a spiral staircase leads to Eames' bedroom.


Keywords: simple, round table, durable

As soon as I entered the door, I came to the kitchen and dining room. White and wood-colored cabinets and stainless steel countertops that are very easy to clean make the whole space simple and clean. Behind the sink

A functional area, where debris can be stacked to avoid affecting aesthetics.

The Eames will feast here,RayThe guests will be treated with classic blue and white patterned tableware and red tableware.

In the middle of the restaurant is a round Eames table. This round table has a high rate of appearance in Eames' home. There is a coffee table in the living room and an outdoor one in the small courtyard.

Eames® round tableImsyu1964Designed in 2014, the table legs are steel legs, removable, connected by screws, very heavy-weight, can withstand different types of desktops. whole

It is very simple in body, suitable for home, office, indoor and outdoor. room

Keywords: carpet, color, recliner

Came from the restaurant through a small corridor covered with colorful carpetsEames HouseLiving room, the small corridor is highlighted by carpets, green plants and translucent black steel windows

It was exceptionally beautiful. Frosted glass and transparent glass appear alternately, creating a different light and shadow effect.

Living room wide6.2Meters, two-storey design, wide view, all sides of the glass are different forms. The entire living room, from carpets and ceilings to sofas and chairsRayCanvas

. As a painter, she is a master of color matching,CharlesIf it involves aesthetics and display in the work, it depends onRayAesthetic.

The living room is full of monstera, roses and books, as well as the famousEames House Bird. This bird was bought by the Eames couple when they traveled and they were very happy

Huan, for decades at home, this black bird wasRayUsed in the exhibition of various furniture works, it has become a highlight, now this bird has become a lot of designers

Struggling to collect works of art.

There is an Eames recliner in the living room.CharlesThis chair is designed to give people a "warm embrace" feeling.

Eames® Lounge Chair and OttomanThe use of solid plywood and soft leather brings the ancient beauty of luxury into today’s modern world for comfort and high

Ya defines the eternal standard. He put this chair in the living room, hoping to provide himself and his guests"A special shelter can relieve the stress of modern life

"The Eames couple often sit on the lounge chairs to chat and bask in the sun."

1999Year, Time Magazine announcedLCW(Eames Lounge Chair Wood)Yes20The greatest design of the century. initialLCWborn in1945year,Charles'S job is

Design a splint for the US Air Force, using curves to simulate the shape of a human leg. The chair legs have wooden legs and iron legs, and the chair surface is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. This material was discovered by Eames test.

It is used to manufacture stretchers and glider casings. This material has a profound influence in the design world.

La Chaise Chair design manuscript

from 1946 Since the launch of two bold and innovative designs of dining chairs and sofa chairs cast from plywood, designers Charles with Ray Eames Easy Herman

Miller Forged an indissoluble bond. Including classic coffee tables that are still selling today LTR, Height only 25 cm The indoor multi-purpose side table, with a square and compact shape, serves as a tea

Tables, leisure side tables, Japanese low tables, sofa side tables, etc., are very suitable.

Right next to the living room"Alcove", whose name is based on its shape, is a hidden space surrounded by a part of the corridor and living room. This is a quiet corner, used on the ground

Carpets of different colors distinguish the space. The color matching is mainly orange, concealed and safe, and it is a very comfortable space, making people feel that they can stay here very well


The cabinets in the alcove are very Japanese. It can be seen that the architect was influenced by the Japanese style, including the main bedroom door on the second floor is also made of Japanese screens that can slide freely.


Keywords: small, warm, stairs

In contrast to the cold steel frame that makes up the structure, the interior of the house is warm and comfortable, Wooden stairs float easily to connect the lower and upper floors. Using natural materials indoors

The house is closer to nature, making the house look softer. A row of eucalyptus trees is also planted in the front row of the house to provide shade and an outdoor environment for the house.

Keywords: cabinets, geometry, inspiration

Painting design contributed to the design of the showroom, and toy collection contributed to the invention of toys. The Eames and his wife completed the classics in this studio by exploring model materials