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[Home Encyclopedia] These 5 points of living room furniture selection are very important

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-10

In family life, the living room is a very important activity space in the home. When guests come to the house, they will be received in the living room, so the living room can leave a deep impression on the guests. Not much to say, the next analysis of furniture based on these five key points.


First, in the living room, the most used furniture is probably the sofa. A good sofa can really make a big difference at home.

2,coffee table

When the living room is used to entertain guests, burning tea is definitely inevitable. If it is inconvenient to boil water from other places, you have to run around. So if conditions permit, you can try this multi-functional coffee table, which can not only make tea while burning water, but also has a larger storage function. The floor plug under the coffee table should be installed accurately. Do not expose it, otherwise it will affect the beauty and safety of insertion.

3,TV backdrop

Sitting in the living room to watch the most is the TV and TV background wall, and the TV background wall must choose a more simple, not fancy. For example, like a mosaic background wall, if you look at this wall for a long time, it will cause eye fatigue, this decoration is not recommended. It is better to choose a more simple type overall, simple! atmosphere! Make people look more comfortable!


Some people have a lot of lights in the living room, or they have crystal chandeliers to make them look good. If I say it's completely unnecessary, the crystal lamp first makes the living room look very short and not easy to clean. Personally, the crystal lamp purchased by the big brand,3Around one year, only one light was still on, and it was replaced decisively. In fact, the simpler, the more durable, and the more timeless it is for lighting. If you don't know the size of the lamp, you can read my previous article "Various sizes of furniture selection". So be sure to choose a lamp that suits you. The home is not a nightclub, and you don't need too much flamboyance!

5Lu Zhi

No matter how beautiful the living room is decorated, if you can match a few pots of greenery, it will look more colorful. They can not only play the role of decoration, but also play the finishing touch effect, adding vitality to the interior.

If the living room wants to look stylish and beautiful, this5Every decorative detail must be done. If one of them is improperly installed, it may affect the overall appearance. So each one is very important! I love the whole house customization is committed to creating a better and more comfortable home life.