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Home help: Is it suitable for renovation in summer?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-19

If you have to start work in the summer, it is not impossible, but you need to prevent some problems in the summer decoration.


User help

  Dear Xiaobian, my family is preparing for renovation, but now it is summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, the rain is getting more and more, so some people say that the summer decoration is not good, it is best to choose the spring and autumn, but we don’t want to wait until the fall. Start renovation, is summer really not suitable for renovation?

Xiaobian help

  In fact, regardless of the season of decoration throughout the year, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Although most people choose to decorate in spring and autumn, if you have to start work in the summer, it is not impossible, but you need to prevent some problems in summer decoration.

Advantages of summer decoration


 1. Good paint effect

  It is well known that when the temperature is high, the gas volatilizes relatively quickly, so the paint is dried faster and the sanding is more timely in the summer decoration, the brightness of the paint can be fully reflected, and the paint effect is excellent.

 2.ceramic tilePaste more firmly

  In summer, the weather is hot and the water evaporates too quickly. Therefore, the decoration workers generally want to ensure that the tiles can fully absorb water, so that the tiles will be soaked in advance, or even the second water will be soaked, so that the tiles that absorb the water can be better attached to the ground and On the wall. After the tile is finished, it should be poured again with water, then open the window and ventilate it naturally, and the tile will be firmer.

  3. Eliminate wall problems

  In the summer, the putty scraped before painting can be slowly dried, instead of “dry”, so that the paint will not fall off after painting, which will affect the construction effect of the wall. This also fundamentally avoids the problems of common wall chalking, blistering and cracking.

  4. Shorter construction period

  The summer weather is hot, and the decoration workers will not do several renovations at the same time, so there is no rush to work. In this case, the quality of the decoration of the house will be better guaranteed.

Summer decoration shortcomings


  1. Material moisture protection should pay attention to

  Due to the sudden changes in the weather in the summer, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of the decoration materials. In the summer, if some materials that absorb moisture are used, if there is a long rainy day, and there is no moisture treatment, then the decoration materials may be affected by moisture and mildew.

  2. Tile paving heavy construction

  Pay more attention to construction when tiling in summer. Before tiling, the tiles should be soaked in water to avoid the fact that the weather is hot and dry, so that the tiles absorb water from the cement, causing empty drums and falling off.

  3. Rain may delay progress

  It is very normal to encounter rainy days in the summer, but the decoration can not be stopped. But when it comes to painting, you can't ignore the construction period. Painting in rainy days can affect the effect of the paint because it is not easy to dry.

  4. Wooden material is easily deformed

  In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity changes greatly. The exposure of the sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue of the wood products. If it is too moist or encounters rain, it will also cause the wood products to swell and even mold.

Summer decoration precautions


  1. safe question

  Because the temperature in summer is relatively high, the climate is relatively dry, and the materials on the construction site are piled up. However, for safety reasons, the materials should be placed in a cool place, while avoiding the internal air circulation. A fire that is too hot to cause a fire. In the summer decoration, the materials should be placed on the construction site as little as possible, so as to reduce the hidden dangers of accidents. Moreover, the electrical appliances and tools during operation should be kept at a certain distance from the materials, and the live working should be as far away as possible from the materials. It is best to make a reasonable division of the working area and the material area.

  2. Diligent ventilation

  Summer can be said to be the "high-incidence period" of decoration pollution. In order to avoid damage from harmful gases, non-toxic and less toxic decoration materials should be used as much as possible. In addition to the formal decoration company construction, ventilation of the decoration room should also be done. And air purification. When conditions permit, the room should be ventilated and ventilated as much as possible. If conditions are not allowed, some indoor ventilation devices can be used to reduce the harmful gases in the room.

  3. Wallpapers, paints should be naturally dry

  Paint and wallpaper can be said to be the most commonly used materials for decorative walls. Because the air in the spring is damp, in order to make the wallpaper dry as soon as possible, the doors and windows will be opened to ventilate and breathe. However, the summer is different, the summer air is relatively dry, so before you lay the wallpaper, you must first Dip the wallpaper in water and then paint it. At the same time, the doors and windows cannot be opened, otherwise the wallpaper will shrink due to the rapid loss of water due to the blowing of the wind.

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