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Home soft dress six matching skills

After the hard work is completed, you need to create a soft dress. In the home decoration, you don't want to "deceive the soft and hard". The function of the soft dress can not be underestimated. It can make up for some defects in the hard dress. Some details can be changed. Make your life full of love and make your home more tasteful. Soft clothes often make our home life more elegant and warm, and can create a soft atmosphere for the interior. Next, Xiaobian will take a look at how to make the soft clothes add color to your home.


First, the soft definition

Soft clothing is an emerging concept that further subdivides the decoration. The so-called soft decoration means that in addition to the fixed and non-movable decorations in the interior decoration, such as the floor, ceiling, wall and doors and windows, others can be moved. The easy-to-replace accessories, such as curtains, sofas, cushions, wall hangings, carpets, bedding, lamps, etc., as well as decorative crafts, living room plants, etc., are the second furnishings and layout of the living room.


Second, the soft decoration to add color to the home

1, choose a decorative effect curtain

In a room, except for the wall and ceiling, the largest area is probably the curtain, which shows how strong the curtain decoration effect is. The curtains give people a very intuitive decorative effect. Choose a pair of curtains to add a finishing touch to the space style. Curtains determine the tone of the home to a large extent, common fabric curtains, organ curtains, bamboo curtains, etc., combined with the home decoration style to choose your favorite material.

In addition, the curtains are more suitable for hanging five centimeters above the window frame. For a room with a higher floor, the curtains are hung to the ground from the top, which makes the space appear larger.


2, create a stylish partition

The use of screens as partitions in small units can effectively make the living room more spatial and layered. At the same time, a unique screen, in addition to increasing storage, can also increase the fun and vitality of the living room.

3, choose a comfortable sofa and match the right amount of pillow

The sofa is soft and comfortable, and the decoration is also strong. A sofa with fresh colors and bright colors can bring us all the fun. A small amount of pillows can bring comfort to people. Too many pillows are easy to appear spatially messy, and also reduce the space on the sofa and bed, which makes it inconvenient for sitting and sleeping.


4, flower plants are true without false

Because there is no time and energy to take care of the flowers and plants, in order to achieve the purpose of decoration, fake flowers and fake potted plants have become the decorations that many families will choose. Although the fake flowers and plants are very realistic, but after all, there is no vitality of real flowers and plants. The fake flowers and plants do not need watering, but the dust that falls on them should be cleaned frequently. If so, why not choose real flowers for decoration?

5, give your wall a change of "clothes"

I feel that the bareness on the wall is not good-looking, but if it is painted, it will not only be troublesome or environmentally friendly. At this time, as long as I brush on the wall and look at the wall that feels beautiful, I can solve the problem very well. Tu Nike's wall clothing products have been tested by safety instructions. The test results of 16 hazardous substances are undetected, no pollution, and they are very safe to use. They are truly natural and environmentally friendly products. The coating of plant fiber by Tu Nike wall clothing is an environmentally friendly material. Therefore, it has no taste in construction, and has many advantages such as good antibacterial, moisture-proof, self-cleaning and long life.


6, often change the combination of small jewelry

Everyone’s home has more or less small ornaments and small ornaments. These gadgets are placed at home and are easily overlooked. In fact, their decorative effect is very strong. The ornaments that are placed out are not placed there, they can't be changed, and the positions of them are often changed. The different ornaments are placed in combination, which often brings different decorative effects to the living room, giving a refreshing feeling.

Are these soft-packing tips very easy to do? Sometimes, simple decoration can bring a completely different style. Some small places can be adjusted to have different enjoyment. This is probably the reason why many people are keen on soft-packing.