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Home soft suit matching skills

The soft furnishings in the home should change with the seasons. If you want to have a different feeling in your home in different seasons, you must work hard on the matching of soft clothes. How can you make your home warmer in the winter? You need these soft clothes with a little trick!



Several warm color colors match up

HomeIn life, the harmonious color matching of home decoration is of great significance in the whole home decoration process, which embodies the taste and cultivation of people. In the cold winter, warm colors are the best choice. How to better quote color is the premise of warmth and celebration in winter home decoration.



Seasonal accessories for warmth

Home accessories play a very important role in the home environment. Through the matching of accessories and lighting control, the space is given to people's emotions and create different life styles. In the winter, these household necessities will be replaced, and the house will never feel empty and cold again.


No matter what season, many people like to put a few pillows at home. In fact, winter should make better use of the pillow. Relying on a warm pillow, or holding one in your arms, the gentle feeling can best relieve the fatigue of the day.



Winter is coming, playing warm at home, lacking carpets, not to mention, paving carpets can also make your feet comfortable. Especially for the warm winter days, people who have leisurely feelings, cups of coffee, and flipping through the novels when the sun shines in the afternoon, is really very pleasant.



Still using the thin curtains of the summer gauze? It just looks cold. In the winter, curtains with a warm tone such as orange, red, and pink should be hung. One is visually warm, and the second is near the end of the year, warm colors can also add a sense of joy.



To make the bedroom warm, adjusting the bedding is the key. The choice of red, yellow or direct flannel in winter bedding will give you a warm and welcoming feel. In addition, orange and other warm-colored pillows and cushions also play a good role in the whole set of bed products.


Velvet blanket

The carpet is the best choice for getting the temperament and warmth of the winter home. Plus a lot of carpets have bright colors, can reconcile the winter cold, such as pink, orange, rose, etc. Of course, low-key people can also choose soft colors such as navy or ash. Put them on the sofa, on the bed, or even on the ground, you can block a bit of chill.



Toys are no longer patents for children. Appropriately putting a few toys in the room is actually a reflection of the owner's taste and taste. Winter bed, sofa, if you have a plush toy embellishment, it is better, cute, warm, romantic; watching TV, reading and holding, must be warm.



Create a warm atmosphere with light

In addition to changing textiles, adding some lighting is also a good choice, using soft lighting to create a warm atmosphere for the living room.

It is better to use a suitable amount of white light source in warm colors.


Among the red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple colors, the red, orange and yellow light sources are warm light sources, green, blue, blue and purple are cold light sources, and the cold light source gives a mysterious and dreamy feeling. It is mainly based on yang, and it is equipped with a suitable amount of white light source, which is most suitable for people to live.

Long light to ease the darkness of the home

The dark and damp corners of the home make it easy to feel gloomy and uncomfortable in the winter. Therefore, placing a long lamp makes people feel warm and relieves this bad atmosphere.


After the warmth of the home, the leisure time, the cup of hot tea for the family, the hot cup of coffee, and even the fresh juice, will look warm and warm.