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How is the future development of the furniture industry and custom homes? The research institute'

The furniture industry is an important civilian production industry and an industry with significant international competitiveness in China's national economy. It plays an important role in meeting consumer demand, improving the quality of life, promoting international trade, fully absorbing employment, promoting regional economy, and building a harmonious society.


According to the professional data analysis of the China Business Research Institute and the answers of professionals, regarding the future development of the furniture industry and the future of custom furniture, they combined the professional data and their own analysis, and gave the following answers.

1. Domestic furniture consumption will show a trend of “polarization”. One pole is the rise of high-end furniture consumption, and the other is the popularity of affordable furniture products.

2. The market position of custom furniture in the furniture industry will be greatly improved

As the number of middle class in China has increased dramatically, mid- to high-end consumer groups have emerged. More and more consumer groups in China are paying attention to the overall life art of homes. Old-style finished furniture can no longer satisfy consumers' pursuit of personalized life. People prefer to add more independent ideas and features in their home life. The demand for custom furniture for the whole house is on the rise.


With the improvement of the living standards and cultural level of domestic residents, the married people after 80 and 90 gradually become the main consumers of consumption, and their awareness of the independent design of the home environment will increase day by day. At the same time, with the increase of small-sized houses including affordable housing, Customized furniture can fully demonstrate the consumer's pursuit of individuality, fashion and comfort, taking into account the practicality and space utilization, so that the furniture consumer market, market share and market position will continue to increase.

3. Price competition gradually turns into brand competition

As the income level of residents continues to increase, the consumption habits of Chinese consumers are also constantly changing. The furniture industry has gradually evolved from a seller's market in the planned economy era to a buyer's market dominated by price competition. It is currently in the transitional stage from price competition to brand competition.


Price competition and brand competition are important means for furniture companies to participate in market competition. However, price competition focuses on the present and survival, and there is a lower limit of competition. Brand competition focuses on the future and development. It is a competition that constantly changes from low to high. It is an endless competition. These include images, products, services, networks, market protection and many more.

In the current situation of asymmetric furniture product information, brand furniture represents a certain degree of product quality and after-sales service capabilities, more and more consumers tend to choose well-known brand furniture;

In addition, the brand building of the furniture industry is undergoing developmental changes from low to high. It is undergoing development and change from rational to perceptual, and is developing in depth. This deep development is reflected in the importance of selling products to paying attention to services and brand awareness. To improve brand awareness and other aspects.


4. Mass production through intelligent manufacturing technology in the industrial 4.0 era

The furniture industry is in the period of revolutionary replacement of traditional finished furniture by large-scale custom furniture. Traditionally, the furniture industry has achieved the scale effect by mechanized production of standard furniture products. With the rapid development of the custom furniture industry, the proportion of non-standard parts has been continuously improved. Flexible production, characterized by large quantities and large quantities, is the key technology to achieve mass customization.

The application of artificial intelligence technology realizes the production process of the component command machine by scanning the two-dimensional code containing the processing information on the product parts, solves the problem of identification of non-standard parts, and greatly improves the production efficiency.


5. The popularity of O2O marketing model continues to increase

O2O, OnlineToOffline (online to offline), refers to the combination of offline business opportunities and the Internet, making the Internet a front-end for offline transactions.

Conclusion: The furniture industry is an important industry in the national economy, accounting for a large proportion of people's living and consumption, and the number of producers is increasing every year. However, as we deepen our understanding, we have higher requirements for product quality. How do manufacturers make their own brands and satisfy the people is the most critical issue.