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How many tips do you have for home decoration furniture?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's decoration has now paid more and more attention to the choice of style and the matching of furniture. suitableFurnitureThe combination can make the overall style of the whole room better, and at the same time, the whole atmosphere of the family can be more comfortable, warm and natural, and different rooms have different matching skills. How many tips are there for home furniture?

Tip one

The most important point in the matching of home improvement furniture is the color matching between home decoration and furniture. Here, I will share with you some tips on color matching. For example, it is best not to exceed three colors in space color matching. Gold and silver can be combined with Any color is well matched. The best color matching method in the home is light wall, medium floor and dark furniture. It is best not to use warm colors in the kitchen. The ceiling color must be shallower than the wall or wall. A color system, in order to make the room decoration more uniform and natural.

Tip 2

When we make home furnishings, we must consider the psychological effect of the color in the room. Red is the color that can accelerate the pulse in all colors. Long-term contact will make people feel tired. It is best not to live in the living room. Use more red. Blue is an extremely cool color, it can relieve tension and help sleep, and more blue can be used in the bedroom. Green is the main color of the forest, it helps digestion and calm, but also promotes the balance of the body. It is very beneficial to the active and the physically and mentally stressed, and can be used in large quantities in home decoration. Each color has a different visual impact on people, and can be selected as needed.

Tip 3

Home furnishings and matching bedroom furniture should be considered in terms of lighting, background, furniture size, floor materials, overall decoration style, etc. The position of the bed is most important in the room, preferably on the side of the door. It can guarantee the privacy of the bedroom space. It is recommended that the bedside table and the dressing table should have the same color as the bed. The color of the bedroom must not be too much. In the matching, you should use the soft clothes to make the bedroom visual effect better.

Skill 4

Home-made furniture is matched with Chinese restaurant decoration. The most important thing is soft decoration, such as tablecloths, napkins, curtains, etc. In the material selection, thinner chemical fiber materials should be used as much as possible. Thick cotton-spun fabrics are easy to absorb food smell and are not easy to disperse. Going, it is extremely unfavorable to the sanitation of the restaurant. Some flowers can be placed so that you can adjust your mind, beautify the environment, and increase your appetite. But don't be too much. You can use red, green, purple and other dark flowers under dim light, which will make you feel steady.

Tip 5

Home furnishings and matching in the living room must not be neglected. The most basic and minimum requirements in the living room are a set of rest and conversation furniture including the coffee table. The whole layout is simple and generous, highlighting the living room. Focusing on leisure and conversation, whether the function of the room is specific or not, to a certain extent, it is an important criterion for measuring the quality of life, and the layout of the furniture in the family can be clearly reflected.