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How much is the price of an office sofa?

Presumably, everyone is particularly cautious about the choice of office furniture, especially the sofa. The office sofa must meet the company's overall style and be practical for employees to entertain and relax. It can also be used to receive customers. There are many office sofa manufacturers on the market, and there are many types of sofas. This time, the sofas are different in materials and workmanship. As a result, their prices are also very different, so there is no uniform standard for office sofa prices? Deep plowing in the home industry14Tengyi Furniture shares some tips for everyone and hopes to help the friends who need it.

Going to the furniture market or visiting the online circle, I know that there are a lot of office sofas.1000-8000Prices vary.

1.1000-2000The office sofas, which are mainly simple and simple, are not so fancy, and certainly look less luxurious.

2.3000-4000The office sofa, this price is a common civilian price, a lot of styles, natural cost performance is also high, but also most of our SMEs choose more, simple and reliable quality.

3.5000Office sofas above the yuan, these sofas are more luxurious, generally listed companies, compared to the higher grades, put the boss's office more face. If the company pays more attention to this, you can choose the luxury type.

Tengyi furniture, created in2005The year is dominated by modern, light luxury style furniture. It can provide enterprises with light and high-end office sofas.

Note on the purchase of office sofas: Office sofas are more open to public occasions, and the seating depth of the sofa should be moderate.

Note for the purchase of office sofas: The size of the office sofa should be chosen to ensure that it will not exceed the size of the office, which will hinder the traffic passage. The size should be measured before purchasing the office sofa.

Office sofa purchase note three: office sofa should value the material of the sofa, should use leather sofa, color and texture are good, durable, stable and vital.

Office sofa purchase notes 4: Office sofas should pay special attention to quality, consider a solid frame, flexibility is better.