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How to buy furniture for a small apartment to make the home look more spacious?

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-09-21

1 Common style and color are the premise

Small apartment when purchasing furniture distribution, We must choose the furniture that is the same as the original style of the home, so that the furniture can be more integrated into the entire space environment, and it is not abrupt or obvious, and then the natural home environment can be adjusted to make the whole more harmonious, and the entire space looks better. Broader.

① Style: The style of small-sized homes has been fundamentally confirmed during the hard decoration. When buying furniture, we must choose furniture according to the style characteristics of the house itself. Generally, small-sized homes can choose fresh and natural modern Wind or Nordic style furniture can make the whole space look more precise and spacious.

②Color: In addition to confirming the style, we have to choose the color of the furniture according to the color of our own wall. Generally, small-sized homes are suitable for lighter furniture colors. Cool color furniture can better reflect the sun and make the entire space look more Bright, it naturally looks broad and bright.

2 Diverse functions and more points

For small apartmentNo matter what kind of furniture you choose, it is very important to have versatility.

Although the house is small, But the various functions required by the home cannot be less. However, assuming that the furniture has a single function, when we want to enjoy multiple functions, we need to add more furniture. Isn't this directly adding to the house?

Therefore, requiring furniture with multiple functions satisfies all needs. For example, the sofa can be used as a bed, storage cabinet, lounge chair, massage chair and other functions together., Don’t worry about not being able to buy them, there are already many such products on the market, just need to be carefully selected by the owners.

such as: The fire stone material of the tea table countertop is trained through 3000 degree high temperature, the color is natural and smooth, and it has a more texture. The countertop is moved away, and there are multiple multi-function storage boxes. The movable partition plan allows the living room objects to be sorted and stored in a neat way. Things can be seen at a glance and more regular. The length of the TV cabinet can be freely and flexibly dispatched to meet the needs of diversified functions of small apartments.

3Slim body is the point

Everything is good for small apartments, Is a bit small. But in fact, being small also has small advantages, at least it is easier to clean. However, the size of the house is already small, so let's practice. When buying furniture, don't always be greedy or luxurious. That is the "dish" of other people's luxury houses. We are still down-to-earth. It is really good to choose what suits us.

① Slim body: The shape of the furniture should be as delicate as possible. It is recommended to measure the detailed area of ​​the furniture in the home when buying, and bring a measuring rule to buy it.

②Can be assembled and disassembled at will: Because there is no satisfactory space for assembling and disassembling furniture in small-sized households, it is recommended to choose ones with combinable and disassembled functions when purchasing furniture, so that they can be transferred to small-sized households to choose more at will. It is more convenient to pack everything.

such as: The coffee table has a lifting plan, which can satisfy the needs of hospitality, eating, reading, work, etc., and the diversified functional needs of small apartments. At the same time, the coffee table is small in size and occupies a small area, and the large table area can accommodate all the sundries and adhere to the regularity of the living room. The table is made of E1 high-density sheet material, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, so even families with babies can use it at ease.

The selection of small apartment furniture is also very particular, Although the area is small, the meaning of the home remains the same, but don't ignore it because it is a small apartment!