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How to buy furniture will not suffer? I heard that after reading these 10 suggestions, I will know!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-25

Choosing furniture is an important part of the decoration, which is related to the living experience in the future and the value of the whole family. Today, I will bring you 10 suggestions for furniture purchase. I will find out that I will buy it again and I will not regret it.

Recommendation 1: Prepare in advance, avoid rushing to place an order

Many people wait until the hard work is finished before they start to look at the furniture. In fact, it is wrong. They should start to look at the furniture before the decoration, so that they can leave enough time to compare and buy the furniture that makes them satisfied.

Recommendation 2: You don't have to completely pursue fashion, it is the best for you.

Every year, there are different popular furniture. You don't have to completely pursue the fashion trend. You must understand that the popularity is fast and you can go faster. It is better to buy what you like.

Recommendation 3: The choice of furniture color can be determined according to the indoor light.

Regarding the color of the furniture, it is recommended to set the light according to the light in each room of the house. Generally, the light and dark colors of the furniture can be freely selected. If the light is not good, it is recommended to buy light-colored furniture.

Recommendation 4: People of different ages have different needs for furniture and cannot be generalized.

Older people may like darker or furniture that looks a bit thicker, while young people prefer lightweight furniture. Therefore, at the time of purchase, the furniture of the elderly room is best for them to choose.

Recommendation 5: Consider the future cleaning issues when buying furniture

Some people like European furniture, and the complex carvings look gorgeous, but the cleaning in the future has become a big problem. Therefore, you should also plan accordingly before buying.

Recommendation 6: The size of the furniture should be well controlled. It should not be too full or too empty.

The size of the furniture is also very important. You can't fill your home too much or look like space. It's best to measure the length and width of each room in advance, and then choose the size of the furniture.

Recommendation 7: The whole house must be harmonious

It is best to choose a complete set of furniture, which looks more harmonious. If you want to match yourself, it seems to be more personalized, you should also pay attention to the color, style and style.

Recommendation 8: Environmental issues cannot be ignored

The environmental issues of furniture are of concern to everyone. After all, this involves the health problems of family members. When purchasing furniture, it is best to ask the merchant to issue a certain environmental certificate.

Recommendation 9: After sales is also a big problem

Many people buy furniture in order to be cheap, buy some unknown furniture, and finally come out with problems, even people can't find them. Therefore, buying brand furniture can well avoid after-sales problems.

Recommendation 10: Finding the right time to buy can save a lot of money

Some big shopping promotion nodes can save you a lot of money, such as double eleven, or the anniversary of the brand and so on.

The above is some suggestions about furniture purchase, I hope to help everyone.

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