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How to choose the sofa for the elderly can ensure the comfort of the elderly.

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2020-03-03

Old age,Human physiological function will gradually decline, motor function will decrease, sensory function will decrease, and cervical and lumbar spondylosis will become more frequent. Therefore, the elderly should choose a sofa more"Critical".

Here are a few things to note about choosing sofas for the elderly:

1.Sofa sittingNot too low. There are more and more low sofas on the market. Although they are fashionable, they are not suitable for the elderly. If the seat surface is too low, the force-bearing surface of the old man's thigh will decrease and he will feel sore. When sitting on a low sofa, the center of gravity is low, and the elderly will feel particularly strenuous when standing up, and it is more likely to fall because of the unstable center of gravity. Seat height at42About cm, about the best height of the calf.

2.The sofa should not be too wide. The seat surface is too wide, the elderly will be away from the back of the sofa, lack of support, resulting in back pain. Sofa seat width48Cm, seat depth at48 ~ 60Centimeter is the best size.

3.The sofa cannot be too soft. The sofa is too soft, the support of the elderly's center of gravity is unstable, and people will intentionally or unintentionally move the body to seek a new balance and stability of the body. Therefore, sitting on a soft sofa for a long time will make people feel back pain and fatigue. At the same time, sitting on a soft sofa, it is difficult to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the spine. Over a long period of time, it will cause back muscle tension and induce or aggravate low back pain.

4.The angle should be large. If the dorsal and sitting angles are too small, the abdomen will be squeezed and the digestive system will be affected. At the same time, the spine morphology changed from normalSThe shape is severely deformed into a concave shape, which causes uneven pressure distribution of the intervertebral disc, which is not good for the lumbar spine of the elderly. Therefore, the elderly should choose a sofa with a large recline and sitting angle.125°~ 135° is better. At this moment, the old man felt half lying on the sofa.

It should be reminded that improper sitting posture or prolonged sitting for a long time will cause the muscle tissue to be stressed differently than usual, which may cause excessive growth of collagen and cause muscle pain. Therefore, no matter what kind of sofa, seniors should not sit more than1Hours, let alone a sofa as a bed.