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I am going to add furniture to the newly renovated house. How do I choose a living room sofa?

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-02-27

I am going to add furniture to the newly renovated house. How do I choose a living room sofa?

the first,Consider the size and style of the sofa. Before buying a sofa, the owner needs to know the size of the sofa he needs. If he doesn't know, he can give his room size, and then let the furniture sales staff give you suggestions before buying a suitable sofa. When choosing a sofa, we must pay attention to the harmony of the sofa style and the overall decoration style. Compared to the basic decoration of the home, the sofa not only uses functions, but also plays a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the style and color of the sofa must be consistent with the main colors of home decoration and decoration.

second,Comfort. Too soft and stiff sofas can make people feel uncomfortable. Too soft will fall into it and it will be difficult to get up, which will have a certain impact on the human spine. The too hard texture lacks the soft feel of the sofa; followed by the comfort of the waist and neck, the sofa that is made too deep and too shallow is not comfortable and sits deep60Comfortable around cm. Choose a sofa with an adjustment function on the neck, so reading and watching TV are more comfortable.

third,Frame, hardware. First check the sofa fabric for open wires and other problems. Lift the sofa to see if the frame structure is damaged, whether the hardware accessories are flat and smooth, and whether the sofa's sponge is complete. Some sofa feet are made of wood, some are metal, and some are pulleys. You need to sit up and shake to see if the sofa feet are stable.

fourth,Look at the leather fabric. If it is a leather sofa, the most important thing is to choose a leather surface. When buying a leather sofa, the leather surface should be plump and shiny, without scars, and the texture of the texture should be fine. Hold it with your fingertips and drag it up and down. You should feel soft and strong. After sitting, the wrinkles can disappear or not be noticeable.

If it is a cloth sofa, you should pay attention to the seat and back cover of the sofa should be a loose-leaf structure when purchasing, with better functions such as antistatic, flame retardant and tear resistance. When buying a fabric sofa, choose a fabric with fine and smooth warp and weft threads, no jumpers, and no exposed joints.

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