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I didn't expect you to be Le Corbusier.

  • Author:Teng
  • Release on:2019-05-07

Le.Le CorbusierLe Corbusier)

Le Corbusier(le.Corbusier) Original name:Charles-Édouard Jeanneret,he is20The great master of architecture, furniture designer, urban planner and writer of the century. It is a radical and master of the modern architectural movement. It is the main advocate of modernist architecture. The important founder of machine aesthetics is called the “flagman of modern architecture”. It is the master of functionalist architecture and is called “functionalism.” father". He is also known as the "Four Modern Masters of Modern Architecture" with Frank Wright, Mies van der Rohe and Gropius.

For more information on this chaise lounge chair, please click "Here", or search for Tengyi furniture on 1688.

Le Corbusier1887year10month6Born in a small Swiss town Chaux-des-fondsThis small town is located in the mountains of France, famous for its watchmaking.1900The watch assembled in the town, which accounts for the world’s watch production.55%The founder of Le Corbusier is naturally a watchmaker, and his mother was born into a middle-class family to teach the piano to make a living. Le Corbusier contacted the building by his teacher CharlesRapolatny(Charles Leplattenier)Guided and encouraged him to learn architecture, and began his long years of architectural investigation.1907In the year he visited Vienna in Austria and met Joseph in Vienna.• Hoffman also visited the architectural works of Adolf Luth, both of whom had a great influence on both architecture and furniture. Among them, Villa Savoy, Marseille Apartment Building, Langxiang Church......These architectural masterpieces, which were completed half a century or even a century ago, still attract the attention of countless people with their unique modern atmosphere.

In addition to architecture, Le Corbusier also has access to furniture. Among them, the Le Corbusier works are well known, among which: Le Corbusier loungers and Le Corbusier sofas are particularly popular in China.

Want to know more about this Corbusier sofa, please click "Here", or search for Tengyi furniture on 1688.

The Le Corbusier sofa is a landmark work of modern furniture art. The material is a combination of leather and stainless steel. The cool metallic elements are combined with the delicate leather touch to give you a unique experience.

This is1929The design is completed in the year, and the design fully embodies the humanization and functionalization. Every angle makes the best support for the human body, and every detail can bring the joy of rest.