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In the summer, how to maintain the furniture to extend its service life.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-04

This summer is much hotter than the summer days. In Europe, there is extreme heat. In high temperature, people need to cool down. Then furniture needs to be carefully cared for long-term.

Summer weather changes greatly, both dry and wet weather are prone to occur. Sun exposure, temperature changes and pet damage can cause the original dry and comfortable furniture to fade and breed a lot of bacteria. If not carefully maintained, the life of the furniture will be greatly reduced.

summerFurnitureMaintenance tips

1. Sun protection, no matter what the material of the furniture, avoiding sun protection is the first priority, you can choose to place the furniture in a position to avoid direct sunlight or buy sunscreen curtains and away from heat sinks.

2. Moisture-proof, summer moisture-proof work is also very important, especially in the rainy south. So in the fit, the furniture should be properly off the wall1The look of centimeters.

3,Cloth furniture is vacuumed at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust from fabric structures. The mat can be turned over and should be flipped once a week to evenly distribute the wear. If the thread is found, it should be cut with scissors to avoid pulling hard.

4All cloth sleeves and bushings of fabric furniture shall be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washable, and bleaching is prohibited. Avoid wearing sweat, water and mud on the furniture to ensure the life of the furniture.

4,If the leather furniture leather is not properly maintained, it will be hardened and discolored in summer. Therefore, after cleaning, the surface of the leather furniture can be wiped with professional furniture maintenance products such as sheep oil and leather oil.

5,The maintenance of wooden furniture needs more attention. In addition to sun protection and moisture protection, use soft cotton cloth when cleaning. The cotton cloth can be slightly moist, so it is better to squeeze out the water, and wipe along the texture of the wood to avoid alcohol. Wipe with other chemical solvents or detergents. It is recommended that a package of activated carbon be dehumidified on the side of the furniture.

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