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Indoor soft outfit, get it right away!

Nowadays, the requirements for home decoration are getting higher and higher, and the style of home decoration highlights the personality characteristics or spiritual pursuit of the owner, mainly reflected in the soft-fit matching. Soft dressing refers to the decoration of furniture, fabrics, lamps and other movable decorations. What are the skills of indoor soft-packing? Today, Xiaobian introduces some knowledge about indoor soft-packing matching skills. Use it, hurry to collect it!


In aesthetics, the most classic proportion of distribution is no more than the golden section. If you don't have a special preference, you can use the principle of the golden line to open your home. This is a very easy way. For example, don't put the vase in the center of the window sill. Place it on the left or right side to make the visual effect a lot more active. However, if the entire soft-fit layout adopts the same ratio, it must be changed, otherwise it will appear too rigid.


Soft furnishings also have to pay attention, too heavy will make people feel oppressed, too light and people will feel frivolous, so pay attention to the combination of color and weight in the soft fit, the shape and size distribution of furniture accessories and the overall layout is reasonable Improve and other issues.


In the living room, bright colors and slim decorations, for example, yellow, green and light gray are the main colors in the living room. Gray has always given people a sense of stability and elegance, yellow dilutes the dullness of gray, and green neutralizes the dazzling yellow, all arranged to form a perfect unity.


In the home furnishing, the designer can make more and more changes in the style of the home through the contrast of light and light, the contrast of the color and the contrast of the material, the contrast of the traditional and the modern, and so on. A rhythmic lifestyle.


Through the use of warm colors and soft fabrics. If you have a unique taste and go your own way, then even if you use a strong match, choose a softer one.


In the living atmosphere, the visual center is extremely important. The scope of attention of the person must have a central point, so that the level of beauty of the primary and secondary levels can be created. This visual center is the focus of the arrangement. Emphasis on a certain part can break the global monotony and make the whole room become energetic.


But one of the visual centers is enough, just like a stone thrown into the calm water, creating a wave of ripples, which will make people think. If you choose a unique chandelier in the living room, you can't add too much visual center.


The soft-fit layout should follow the principle of diversity and unity. According to the size, color and position, it can be integrated with the furniture to create a natural harmony and vitality unity and change. Furniture should have a uniform style and charm. It is best to customize or choose soft decorations with the same color and style. Together with the details of the humanities, the taste of the living environment is further enhanced.


Soft clothing is the creative integration of indoor complex environment, space aesthetics, furnishings art, life function, material style, artistic conception, personality preference, and even Feng Shui culture. Its elements include furniture, decorative painting, ceramics, floral green plants, fabrics, lighting, and other decorative ornaments.


Using color contrast

It is also a good idea to compare the carpet and the furniture. For example, the indoor color is mainly light, the colors of the pillows, curtains and carpets are close, while the sofas and tables are heavy, so the contrast is strong. Then through the art murals, special chandeliers and other decorations, enhance the artistic taste of the entire space.


Choose a color system based on the size of the space

If your home has limited space, then it is best not to buy dark furniture. The tall, dark-colored cabinets will give you a sense of oppression and the space will be smaller. Therefore, it is best to buy some neutral composite color furniture to adjust the atmosphere at home.


Start with the color you like

If you are an outgoing and lively person, you can use the cheerful orange series in the color, use the simple basic auxiliary graphics for repeated use, and at the same time match other color block ornaments to enrich the indoor space level and color experience. However, it should be noted that the ornaments need to be scattered in different corners in order to avoid the squad.


Animal elements mix and match European furniture

The decorative elements of animal elements and mixed-style European furniture are the winning modes that are constantly verified by international soft-pack display designers. Tracing back to the development of human history, people's lives have never been separated from the elements of nature. Different design concepts are advocating the theme of "harmony between man and nature."


Soft-filled tones for all seasons

Choose the indoor soft color tones of all seasons, you don't have to spend too much money to change the furniture, you don't have to move the furniture position frequently, and the small room can show different appearances, giving people a new look. Different seasons are accompanied by small pendants that can be moved to complete the random switching of the four seasons. For example, spring curtains should use a lighter shade with a higher degree of transparency, both color and landscape.

Through the introduction of soft-packing techniques, we are freed from the “stacking of objects”, stepping out of the original rules and regulations, pulling the spatial layering closer, and improving the quality of life to another level. If you do not have such patience, you can give it to you. A specialized design company. Nowadays, the soft designer is also aesthetically advanced.