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Is ash furniture really good?

Ash artificial wood furniture: refers to solid wood furniture made of plant ash solid wood material. The ash material is tough and has a beautiful texture and is a deciduous tree. Mainly distributed in North Korea, Japan, Russia and China's Shaanxi, Gansu, Hubei, Northeast, North China and other places, the annual rings are obvious but uneven, the wood structure is thick, the texture is straight, the pattern is straight, irrelevant, the hardness is small, but the water The ash has a stable wood and is not easy to crack and become the superior material for making furniture.

Guangdong Foshan Tengjiao FurnitureThe ash furniture is shown in the figure:

Advantages and disadvantages of ash furniture:


1. The ash has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance, but it is difficult to dry and easy to warp.

2. Good processing performance, but should prevent tearing. The cut surface is smooth, the paint and the adhesive property are good.

3. The biggest feature is that the wood grain is clear and beautiful, easy to process, with high toughness, good coloring performance and good decorative performance.


1.There is no heartwood anti-corrosion in ash, white wood is easy to be eaten by powder beetles and common furniture beetles, which are not easy to dry and prone to cracking. Therefore, it is recommended that the solid wood furniture of ash must be placed in a dry environment, and dry protection measures should be taken.

2.The ash solid wood furniture has large deformation and is made of solid wood. It is often spliced ​​with small wooden blocks. The large pieces of wood shrink and deform, which is not suitable. Some ash furniture is basically the main frame of ash wood, and the large area is afflicted with ash wood, which is also due to the large deformation and shrinkage of ash. Therefore, it is recommended to make ash solid wood furniture using a combination of ash and joinery.

Maintenance method of ash furniture:

1.The maintenance of ash furniture, the first is to prevent insects, because the ash furniture tastes sweeter, is very popular with insects, so always wipe, and then put some insecticide. Under normal circumstances, the ash furniture should be waxed in one quarter to protect the furniture from moisture and protect the surface.

2.Temperature requirements are kept as much as possible20-30Degree, humidity is maintained at40%-50%Can not be exposed to the sun.