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Is the bathroom always smelly? These five green plants are good for feeding and deodorizing.

Hello everyone, welcome toTengyi furniture. In the daily life, the bathroom is damp, the water vapor is too heavy, and there is an odor. This problem is very common. Today, Tengyi will share with you some of the green plants that can absorb odors and purify the air, especially suitable for the bathroom.


Aloe vera. Aloe has a lot of effects, and the effect of purifying air and absorbing odor is very strong. Experiments have shown that under certain conditions, a pot of aloe can absorb 90% of formaldehyde in 1m2.

Put two pots of aloe in the bathroom, not only to add green to the bathroom, but also to absorb the odor. But be sure to remember to move the aloe vera out of the sun from time to time, and the vitality will be stronger.


Tiger Piran. The leaves of the tiger Piran are long and large, and most people put it in the living room for decoration. But everyone knows, the leaves of the tiger Piran can absorb the water vapor in the air, which is the best choice for the bathroom and bathroom!

However, Tengyi Furniture recommends that you do not buy too large a size of Tiger Piran in the bathroom or bathroom, which will occupy a large area and affect the appearance.


lemon grass. In daily life, we all know that lemons emit a faint scent. Lemongrass, a green plant, also has this effect, and the vitality of lemongrass is very strong and good for feeding.

Just put it in a container with water, the lemon grass will grow very well, and more importantly, it doesn't need much sunlight, but we still have to let it sunbathe from time to time.


ivy. Tengyi Furniture highly recommends this green plant because it not only grows beautiful leaves, but also likes the humid environment. It absorbs odor and purifies the air.

So put it in the bathroom, it is a pair of heavenly! But if the ivy grows very lush, you need the owner to take some time to repair it.


mint. If the first four green plants are used to alleviate the moisture and odor of the bathroom, then Tengyi Furniture wants to say that raising a few mints may be the best choice in the bathroom. Pot mint.

Mint is suitable for growing in a humid environment, and does not require too much sunlight. More importantly, the aroma it emits has a bactericidal effect! As a place to wash and defecate in daily life, the bathroom is heavy and has many bacteria. If you have a few pots of mint at home, the effect may be the best!