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Is the sink in the bathroom good or outside? There is only one bathroom in the house worth seeing

Hi everybody, I'mTengyi furniture. In modern home life, most people's home bathrooms will choose wet and dry separation design, which not only can improve the efficiency of the bathroom, but also keep the ground dry, but today Tengyi wants to discuss the issue of the sink.


The sink is an indispensable part of modern home life. Some people choose to design the sink in the bathroom, but I believe that everyone has seen many people in their homes or TV movies. The sink is independent of the door. A lot of people don't understand whether the benefits are more or worse.

The sink is to give us a place to wash our hands, brush our teeth and look in the mirror in our life, so if you don't pay attention, whether it is in the bathroom or outside, there will be water splashing, causing the floor to be wet. However, I still recommend that you design the sink outside the bathroom door, and then say the reason.


Generally speaking, the bathroom area will not be very large. If you do dry and wet separation, if you don't use some skills, you will find that the bathroom space is small. In particular, some people will put the washing machine in the bathroom at home, so that they are spare. The area is smaller. If the bathroom is designed in the bathroom, how much space will there be?

Although the area occupied by the sink does not need to be too large, if it is designed independently outside the bathroom door, use the wall or design a partition, so that we can brush the face outside the door, even if the bathroom is used, it does not matter, this Most of my friends agree, so they designed the sink outside the door when they bought the house.


Of course, there are many sinks in the bathroom. Many people even have beautiful washbasins in their homes. The details are very strict, but if you only have one bathroom in your home, you should use the bathroom in the morning. At that time, you can appreciate the benefits of the design of the sink outside the door.