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Isn't it difficult to choose a comfortable recliner? These points tell you

The recliner has a very long history. In ancient times, some of the dignitaries liked it very much. Nowadays, ordinary families basically have reclining chairs. After being tired, lying on the chair can make people happy. Today we will take advantage of the furniture Eames lounge chair. Even talk about how to choose the right seat.

the first,Weight: The main frame structure of the main load-bearing part of the recliner is mainly aluminum alloy steel pipe, the steel pipe is thick, and the entire frame of the recliner will be firm. So how to judge the quality of the steel pipe, the most intuitive way is to look at the weight. The same style is relatively heavy, which means that the steel pipe material of the reclining chair is thicker and does not cut corners.

second,Look at the material: whether the plate is curved wood, whether the texture is clear, whether the frame is high-quality aluminum alloy, whether the force is super strong, whether the surface is real or not. If it is leather, whether it retains the natural state of the household, showing the nature The pattern is beautiful. There is also an internal filler.

third,Look at the process: the steel surface treated with (spraying process) is high in hardness, more wear-resistant and more lustrous. If the process of (painting) is adopted, the surface of the steel pipe is relatively easy to cause scratches and cause oxidative rust.

fourth,Look at the details: Quality comes from the details. Due to different plant equipment and technology, there are also gaps in details. Mainly pay attention to two points: First, see if the steel pipe is rough and burr; second is to seeWhether the "active joint of the steel pipe" has a circular arc treatment. If the sun lounger flickers these points, it is easy for people to scratch their hands and feet during use.

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