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It's winter! The north relies on heating and the south relies on righteousness. What does mahoga

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-07

How to maintain mahogany furniture of different materials?

Different woods have different wood properties,

Also during winter maintenance"The right medicine."

Rosewood Sandalwood (Sandalwood Rosewood)

Newly made rosewood furniture will have some small problems in the first two years, such as cracking in winter, but the cracks are relatively small. Small problems like this are normal and consumers do not need to panic.

In fact, most of the cracking occurs in the winter in the north, and relatively few in the south.

Well, consumers pay attention when buying furniture Expansion joints are left in the furniture. Expansion joints provide expansion and contraction space for the furniture, which can ensure that the furniture does not crack or the cracks are small.

In fact, most of the furniture panels have expansion joints, which can avoid cracking and deformation.

Most of the mahogany furniture panels have expansion joints, which can avoid cracking and deformation.

Huanghua Pear

If there is a problem in the furniture of Huanghuali, it can only be bent or deformed, and it rarely cracks because of the difference in the drying process of Huanghuali furniture.

If the Huanghuali furniture is deformed and bent, but it is not serious, you can use the heater to blow it from the side to slowly restore the original shape.

If it is newly purchased Huanghuali furniture, it usually takes three winters and two summers before entering the stable period.

After winter, beeswax can be used to test the furniture.

Crimson Rosewood

Compared with Huanghuali and Rosewood furniture, the maintenance of rosewood furniture is more difficult.

The main reason is that the rosewood material and the water absorption are larger than those of Huanghuali and Rosewood.

If the red rosewood furniture is not completely dried and shaped, it is prone to problems such as cracking and deformation.

Even if the treatment is completely passed, the red rosewood will shrink or crack to some extent under different environments (temperature and humidity changes).

If it only occurs slightly on the surface of the furniture, you can polish it by yourself to eliminate it. If the crack is too large, you need to ask a professional mahogany repair person to repair it.

Burmese Pear (Red Fruit Sandalwood)

Burmese pears are relatively stable and generally do not show large cracks. It is sufficient to apply wax twice from winter to the end of winter.

However, the maintenance of Burmese rosewood furniture is very particular, because the wood of Burmese rosewood has a certain amount of moisture. If the humidity in the air is too low, the wood will shrink, and when it is too high, it will swell.

Therefore, it is important to keep the indoor temperature in balance and not to place such furniture in too dry or humid places. It is also worth noting.

In winter, do not place it near heating appliances such as heating lamps and fans, to avoid excessive temperature affecting the internal structure of the furniture.

Hedgehog Rosewood

Many people worry about the hedgehog rosewood furniture getting wet, and often wipe the furniture with a dry cloth.

In fact, this method can easily cause the dust particles in the rag to scratch the painted surface of the furniture.

It is best to wipe with a moist rag, so that it can not only moisturize but also not dampen the furniture.

At the same time, when cleaning the surface of furniture, do not use chemicals such as alcohol, which will damage the painted surface of the furniture.

If waxing is required for maintenance, it is best to buy a solid wax with a high concentration. While maintaining the furniture, it can also fill in small defects on the furniture.

In addition, spray wax is also a good choice. But it should be reminded that the two cannot be used together, because this will make the surface of the furniture no longer shiny.

When waxing and maintaining, choose a high concentration of solid wax.

Can fill small defects in furniture


Chicken wing wood is not as graceful and luxurious as other mahogany woods. Its wood is rough and difficult to sculpt, so it is not mainstream in the market.

However, because of its clear wood texture, slightly yellow color, good toughness, and coarse fibers, it is relatively easy to take care of and maintain.

During maintenance, gently wipe the furniture surface back and forth with a clean, soft cotton rag, and wipe it along the wood grain to avoid damaging the wood grain. You can also apply some olive oil, orange oil, and walnut oil, which can be very good. Clean the wax and dirt on the surface.

This method can not only decontaminate but also polish the surface, and repeat it every two or three days to ensure the bright appearance of chicken-wing wooden furniture.

Never use wet or rough rags to clean wenge furniture, especially older furniture that has been around for a long time.