It turns out that this Eames chair, which has been red for more than 50 years, is really the prototype of "Ge You Li". - China leisure chair manufacturer, office chair wholesale, sofa wholesale, China OEM designer chair manufacturer, Tengye furniture China factory direct sales.

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It turns out that this Eames chair, which has been red for more than 50 years, is really the prototy

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-12

"You Are the One2In the middle of the room, Grandpa Ge’s squatting on the lounge chair is like a sly, and he is very embarrassed. Shu Qi said, “I really regarded myself as the last emperor.” It turns out that this lounge chair is really the prototype of the legendary "Ge You Li".

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Do you also have the habit of using mobile phones, TV and books, and the key to seamlessly switching every night is the comfortable and comfortable lounge chair in the corner. It allows you to put all the anxiety in the day, sit in the s, and lie in the sth, in that small world, happy like a king.

Everyone grows up, and growing up means social struggle, so we have a lot of social labels: listed companiesCEO, product manager, project engineer, general manager of design company......When our colleagues make mistakes, they can swallow their voices and communicate. When they encounter difficult customers, they will answer them patiently. In short, we always leave smiles to individuals. With the pressure of society, we often bring the worst temper to the most dear. People, you at this time, maybe you need a comfortable and comfortable chair.The proper half-height height, in line with the literary support, and the wrap of the soft sponge.Let yourself sit down, calm down, throw your troubles aside, restore your emotions to your family, enjoyThe beautiful scenery of "family sitting, light and dear".

Yes, it is such a classic Eames lounge chair, which has been red for more than half a century. It is the most important modern art museum in the United States.MOMAThe permanent collection, the Eames Lounge is considered one of the most influential works of art of the twentieth century. This chair, from1954Since the birth of the year, it has been the dream of countless people.

The reason why it is classic, I want to say is that the designer's understanding of life love, from the craftsmen's fine grinding, fine calculations.

From the use of materials to the craft, the craftsmen are slowly polishing, all revealing the ultimate pursuit of excellence.

Tengyi FurnitureIt’s such a group of people,From the selection of materials:Artificial one-on-one skin selection of leather, all skin suede skins are picked out, the toughness of the suede is never in the seat position, to ensure quality and zero.To the manual process: TengyiThe senior craftsmen hand-skinned, the transition of each part is natural and smooth, the edges and corners are distinct, the whole is symmetrical, and the appearance is natural. The line is straight, the lines are naturally flat, the corners are reasonable, and the back, seat and armrests are full of cotton, smooth, comfortable, soft and flexible..

It is precisely because of this group of craftsmen, the first-class workmanship, streamlined design, the edge is polished to the extreme, the lines and slopes are just right, the strong comfort is its most intrinsic advantage.

Only the Eames recliner was made, not tall, short and chunky, showing a low length, or sitting or lying, all comfortable and comfortable.

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