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Jacobson classic design: Egg chair

Jacobson is20The most influential architect and designer of the century, the father of Nordic modernism, is also the advocate of Danish functionalism. He has deep knowledge in architecture, furniture, lighting, clothing and a wide range of applied arts, and has become a legendary international legend. His furniture works with a strong sculptural form and organic modeling language, combining modern design concepts with Danish traditional styles, focusing on the application of materials and complete structure, ingenious functional design and mass production to make his furniture work With extraordinary, timeless charm.

His internationally renowned classic design includes an egg chair, an ant chair, and a swan chair.AJLight series, etc.

Jacobson1902Born in Copenhagen,1928Year graduated from Copenhagen Art School. From1930Year to1971After his death in the year, he has been committed to his own design career. His designs present a "critical local color" that is a collision between traditional techniques and functional creeds. Conceptually, Jacobson's personal aesthetic appeal is added, so that each work has suitable scales, details and ideas. He also designs furniture and accessories for most of his architectural works. His attention to detail, the choice of materials, and the combination of tradition and practicality create concepts and forms.

Under the leadership of Jacobson's overall design concept, Danish furniture and interior design have gradually developed a distinctive style: the form, use, construction, materials and colors are combined to pursue a balanced effect. What impresses you the most is the visual unity that ensures the simplicity and purity of space design.

Egg chairEgg chairEgg-shaped chairIt was created by Jacobson for the lobby of the Royal Copenhagen Hotel and the Welcome Area. Because the plates were not very skilled at the time, and all things had to subvert the traditional craftsmanship, Jacobson used the FRP inner embryo and the outer layer of woolen velvet Italian leather. The main feature was the cushion and The size of the backrest fits the human body layout, built-in sponge, elastic, sitting firmly, four bright aluminum foot brackets, can360Rotate. The unique shape of the egg chair opens up an undisturbed space in public.

This chair is so good, where can I buy it?

Tengjiao Smart Home Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, production and sales of classic and modern furniture, focusing on chair production.11In the year, the Tengyi egg chair uses a good cowhide, horse skin, thicker than the average material.2UThe seat surface is finely selected from horsehair, cashmere, cotton and linen. After being processed by foreign technology, it can be used for a long time without fading, no fading, soft and skin-friendly.