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Known as the most beautiful chair in the world, the president is its spokesperson

Hi everybody, I'mTengCommitted to creating quality life. What I want to share with you today is a chair with a story. It is a common configuration for many occasions. You have seen it many times, but maybe you don't know its name or its story.


In 1950, the magazine "Interiors" introduced it, calling it "the most beautiful chair in the world". It is the presidential chair, also called "the chair." Dare to add the word "presidential" to your name. If you hear it, there is a story.

The name of the presidential chair was related to US President Kennedy. In the 1960 US presidential election, Kennedy, who had the hardships of the time, was about to start a TV debate with Nixon.

At that time, the organizer, CBS, took this into account and selected the PP501 designed by Hans Wegener (it was not called The Chair at the time).


If you are familiar with Hans-Wigner, you should know that he is a great designer who has created many classic works in his life, and this presidential chair is a classic in the classic.

From the birth of this chair in 1949 to the present, it has never been immersed in the long river of time, disappearing in our field of vision, but it is more and more evident in the polishing of time.

The wide, flat backrest and armrests surround and sit comfortably. The design is simple and exquisite, with no extra corners and elegant lines, giving a gentleman's gentle and intellectual character.


Wegner’s original idea was to design a chair that would make it comfortable for people with back problems to sit up. He designed it because Kennedy, who was in the presidential campaign, had a back-to-back situation and was on that occasion. Under the use, Wegner's chair began to be known to the public.

Time gave the President's chair more stories and connotations. Kennedy, Nixon, and many Obama presidents sat in it. The US leaders used the presidential chair many times when they met foreign guests. At that time, the presidential chair was more It represents a taste, simple and elegant, and noble in monotony.


Good things have soul and vitality. It can convey the feelings of history and humanity. But not all materials are suitable for making presidential chairs. According to the gourd painting, there is no such taste.

The presidential chair must be made of solid wood, solid wood texture and texture, plus the designer's constant improvement in every detail, the true charm of the presidential chair can be exuded, to bring us the kind of noble and not luxurious, simple yet atmospheric a feeling of.


The difference in materials will also make the president's chair look different in color. Some people will use ash and some will use black walnut. So there will be various colors such as wood color, walnut color and brown. Simple atmosphere, fashion and classic perfection. Combined, the presidential chair is perfect for all occasions.

The society is getting more and more embarrassed. We lack a tranquility, a taste that is exclusive to ourselves. The smooth and beautiful lines of the presidential chair, exquisite detailing and elegant and simple style are the masters of the masters, and they are long-lasting and slow. Slowness has become the display and collection of tastes in many people.