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Learn these home furnishings color matching skills, your home is not beautiful!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-31

Whether it is clothing matching or home decoration, color matching and selection are a big problem. The perception of aesthetics is mainly through the eye's resolution of color. Different color combinations give people different feelings. If you use the right one, you can add points to the simple decoration. Otherwise, the overall decoration effect will look like another. , messy. Then, master the following basic color matching principles, so that you are no longer guilty in home decoration; your home, it is difficult to think of beauty!

1, choose the color according to the orientation of the room

For the east facing room, there is plenty of direct sunlight, so when choosing colors, it is more appropriate to use warm colors;

The room facing the south is relatively long-lasting, so it is recommended to use cool-toned colors;

The west-facing type will be baptized by the sunset. It is recommended to choose a deep-cold system, and the visual effect will be better;

For the north facing room, because the light is small, it is necessary to make up the light, and the warm color with a lighter shade is more comfortable.

2, the match of solid color

The choice of a single solid color is the easiest. Just choose the same color and the different shades of the same base color to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere. This combination is suitable for the bedroom room.

For example, the lightest color used on walls and floors, bedding, curtains, and chairs use the same color, but the darker color, the darkest color on small items such as cups and vases.

At the same time, you can also add visual interest with the matching of color.

3, with similar colors or opposite colors

Similar colors are also called similar colors. For many whites, this is the best choice. This combination is not easy to create conflicts, making the overall color of the room seem simple and calm;

The opposite color is more individual and beautiful.

4, according to the function of the division of color

The use of the room has a lot to do with the main tone. For example, the living room is generally a public area in the home. It is used to receive more guests, so it is recommended to use bright colors in this place.

The color of the restaurant can try to use some bright and lively colors, which can increase the appetite;

The kitchen is more suitable for the cool color system. It is not recommended to use the warm color system, because it will feel very hot when cooking, and it can be relieved with the cool color system;

The bathroom is best decorated in warm colors, don't use black or dark blue, because the space will be more cold with these two colors...