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Learn these skills to choose a sofa, double the value of the living room!

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-04-03

Sitting comfortably is the greatest sincerity to work and life.——Lin Yutang

The sofa is an important furniture for resting and meeting guests in daily life, and also affects the value and comfort of the living room.

At home these days, you may have discovered the importance of sofas. Comfortable and good-looking sofas can make the home happiness index rise linearly.

So how should the sofa be selected to make the living room more beautiful and comfortable? Lets come lookSofa shopping tipsRight!


Sofa size and style

Before choosing a sofa, we must first understand the size of the living room, the size of the sofa accounts for the living area25% is the ideal space ratio.

① Small apartment

The general layout of small units is one-bedroom and two-bedroom, you can consider using"One-line" sofa. When choosing a sofa, it is mainly based on a small and light single sofa or a small double sofa.

② Medium-sized apartment

For medium-sized apartments, consider a slightly larger sofa, such as a two-person or small three-person sofa.

The sofa does not need to be too large, there is extra space or not enough for daily use, you can also add a single sofa.

③ Large apartment

Large apartment can choose large size"L-shaped" or "U-shaped" sofa.

A three-seat sofa of sufficient size, combined with a chaise longue or a single lounge chair, is a good choice.

▲ Tengye tufted living room sofa

▲ Tengye navy blue velvet sofa

Sofa style

Before choosing a sofa, you also need to determine the sofa style according to the home style.

If only one piece of sofa furniture is considered, it is likely that it will not match the overall home style and color, which greatly reduces the value of the living room.

Purchase articles

See fabric

The fabric of the sofa is mainly divided into leather and fabric, which directly affects the touch of daily use and is a factor that needs to be considered first.

① Leather sofa

If you want a stylish, atmospheric sofa, then you can consider a leather sofa.

When buying, you need to carefully distinguish the quality of the leather, pay attention to the gloss of the leather, whether there are scars, whether the texture is delicate, etc.

The leather sofa has good air permeability, skin-friendly, and is not easy to get dirty. The high softness guarantees the daily use experience.

② Fabric sofa

The fabric sofa has more patterns, soft touch and full of life. If you like a simple and artistic living room, then you can consider choosing a fabric sofa.

See comfort

It is generally the internal filler that affects the comfort of the sofa, mainly including sponge, down, and artificial cotton.

If you can experience it on site, you can use your hands to press or try to sit to determine the softness of the sofa.About 10 cm is the best.

If you buy online, you should pay attention to the content of the filler, resilience and other display content.

Attention to detail

When choosing a sofa, some details cannot be ignored.

① Process details

Whether it is as small as whether the fabric fabric has a jump wire, whether the stitches are even and fine, and whether the material of the sofa leg is firm, whether there is shaking, whether the height of the sofa is coordinated with the coffee table, etc., these issues should be paid attention to when choosing a sofa.

② Maintenance method

When buying a sofa, you also need to consider the maintenance issues during long-term use.

Pay attention to whether the sofa can be disassembled, whether it is possible to prepare an extra sofa cover, and how often it needs to be cleaned, etc., to make the sofa more comfortable to use.

The above are the tips you need to know to buy a sofa,

Hope to bring you some help~