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Light luxury furniture will become the main line of consumers?

  • Author:Tengyi furniture
  • Release on:2018-09-26

As living standards improve,The number of middle class has increased, the middle and high-end consumer groups have gradually emerged, and the people pursue individualized life and promote the art of living, plusAfter 80 and 90, the marriageable population has become the main consumer, and the pursuit of personality, fashion and comfort is relatively high. For the furniture industry, the market position of fashion, high-end and customized furniture will continue to increase. among them"Light luxury furniture"There is a natural appearance. They are positioned in the high-end, with a unique taste of life experience, is being popular with white-collar workers.

What is light luxury furniture?

What is light luxury? By definition, luxury goods that can be afforded are extravagant..Light luxury furniture It is a kind of quality furniture between luxury furniture and fast fashion furniture. It has high-grade positioning and quality, and has a more intimate price. It has a higher grade than the stylish furniture personality, and it has more connotation than luxury furniture.

Light luxury furniture classification?

the first,A brand with high-end quality and a price-friendly people.

second,The extension products and sub-line of luxury jewelry big-name furniture, light luxury is actually the transition product of the main line of the brand, and eventually become the main line of consumption.

What is the main genre of light luxury furniture in the market?

Chinese luxury, European luxury, American luxury, modern minimalist luxury

An artist who lives lightly, enjoys luxury, and lives.