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Like someone's light luxury living room? If you do these 3 things, you can have them too!

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-03-27

The living room is a high-frequency use area for family life and the main space for receiving guests.

The elegant and exquisite living room can add texture to life, and also reflects the aesthetics and taste of the occupants, which has become a factor for many people to consider light luxury style when decorating.

Light luxury styleIs a pursuit of quality life. It combines the elements of fashion with the warm and comfortable texture just right. But the decoration of light luxury style is not easy to grasp, stumbling many friends.

What are the key points to know about creating an elegant, light luxury living room? Let's take a look~

1 / Common colors

Color matching is the first point of attention in the decoration.

The light luxury style is mainly neutral in color selection (such as ivory white, milk coffee color, rice apricot color, black, etc.), creating an elegant tone, adding bright colors to it, embellishing different space perceptions.


▲ Warm and romantic

▲ Lively jumping

At the same time, we must pay attention to the color matching ratio of the space. Too much color will make the space chaotic. Only through clever matching of the color ratio can we ensure the layered sense of the space.

2 / highlight element

Every decoration style has indispensable bright elements. The important elements like light luxury are flannel, metal, marble, etc. These elements can usually play a roleThe role of "injecting the soul".


The surface of the flannel is delicate and shiny, and it feels soft and silky to the touch.

A flannel sofa or curtain can easily add points to a light luxury living room.

▲ Tengyu Navy Blue Velvet Sofa (Click on the picture to learn more)

▲ Tengyi tufted living room sofa (click on the picture to learn more)


In the light and luxurious living room, the metallic color has a finishing touch.

It may be the legs of a chair, it may be a coffee table, it may be a lamp holder, and a little metal color can lighten the light luxury of the entire living room space.

▲ Golden sofa legs, coffee table frames, chair legs, light stands, decorative paintings

▲ Metal coffee table, chair frame, light frame


The marble material is stable, the surface and edges are smooth, and the pattern is natural and beautiful. At the same time, it has a solemn and soft temperament. It is used in coffee tables, floors, and walls, and can be harmoniously integrated into the style of light luxury.

▲ Marble coffee table

▲ Marble floor and wall

3 / Details

In addition to understanding the colors and important elements, you cannot forget the details of the light luxury style!


The choice of living room lighting is mainly made of metal, crystal and other materials. The simple and personalized appearance design ensures sufficient light and enhances the sense of transparency and gorgeousness of the space.


Simple rugs can add some life to the space and make the space more three-dimensional.

Decorative paintings

The decorative painting generally chooses a color system that is in harmony with the entire living room space. When selecting it, pay attention to the size and size, and place it according to the actual furniture layout.

These are the points you need to know to create a light luxury living room~

Hope to bring you some home decoration inspiration!

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