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Master these five points and easily choose beautiful furniture

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-05

Beauty is ordinary,Ordinary you can't feel her presence; beauty is dull,Plainly left only warm memories; beautiful and calm,Calm only if you have to work hard to arouse her embarrassment. How to choose beautiful furniture,Tengyi FurnitureXiaobian teaches you a few tricks.


Look at the material

The prices of various solid wood materials vary widely. When buying, it is clear what kind of solid wood is. The sales documents can indicate the variety of wood.

The first thing to do is to confirm that the wood is the same as the one marked. Can be observed in an inconspicuous place, such as the hole in the mounting screw, whether it is solid wood inside. It can be observed whether the plane side link part of the same part is natural and whether it is skinned.

Look at quality

Generally good furniture, after opening the door and drawer, the wood is dry and white, the texture is clear and clear, and the texture is compact and delicate. Furniture made from inferior materials cannot reach the above levels. At the same time, good furniture requires no irritating odor after opening the door or drawer.

Look at the component

Look at the force-receiving parts of the furniture (seat legs, columns, load-bearing bars that connect the columns to the ground, etc.) to ensure that there are no large knots or cracks or cracks. View the sliding and positioning of the drawers, open all doors and drawers, making sure They are properly installed and useless. Pay special attention to the joints of heavy furniture components, which should be fastened with screw caps. Look at all the parts on the furniture that use wood-based panels to ensure that they have been edge-sealed to ensure that many accessories are installed. Pieces, no nails, no nails.

Look at the place of origin


Because the moisture content of furniture wood is affected by its origin, and the water content is higher than the average moisture content of the area of ​​use.1More than % of furniture will be cracked, deformed, scattered, warped, etc., so it is best to buy furniture produced by dry-processed enterprises. Local or foreign production is not important, the key is the moisture content and the area of ​​use. The average moisture content remains the same.


Touch surface

See if the polished surface is smooth and see if there are any protrusions that can break the clothing.

Touch the foot

Whether the stand and other parts are rough, and whether the pigment in the corner is too thick.


Lightly press the various points of force of the furniture, such as the column corner, drawer or shelf support, etc., whether the test is stable. Pressing the surface of the furniture hard can not have a false impression, the panel flutters.


Often inconspicuous, the back handwork and materials can best see the quality of the product. For example, if you choose a dining chair, you can flip the whole chair to look at the bottom. The bed can see whether the long wooden side of the supporting bed is smooth and tidy.


Use other channels to verify whether the salesperson’s work on materials is overwhelming. Solid wood furniture also has some shortcomings. The price of various woods varies, and some woods are also deformed. Sometimes the stitching position will crack.

Nowadays, many manufacturers will use the combination of wood and wood, that is, veneer (thin wood), solid wood, density fiberboard, etc., to produce more furniture with less color and less deformation. It is recommended to choose a certain class without stereotypes. It is best to be suitable.