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Midsummer is here, please collect the cheats for home cooling!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-05

"In the summer, we eat mung beans, peaches, cherries and melons. It is long and pleasant in every sense, and the days make a noise."

——Robert Walzer, "Summer"

Summer is a lazy and beautiful season, but it is also too much"Warm" season.

The mango species has arrived,The day of "outdoor steam sauna" is here again.

There is a saying that there are three treasures in summer: watermelon, air conditioner, cold bath.

In the scorching sun and rising temperatures in summer, the home has become the first choice for summer heat and cooling.

Apart from the summer three treasures, can your home be cooler?

1/ Fresh color matching, let the eyes "eat" ice cream

The summer heat in the south is a wrap-around heat, leaving only sultry heat in the surrounding air. At this time, you need some fresh colors, let the eyes first"Eat" ice cream and escape from the sultry heat.

Visually speaking, over-saturated colors will make people more excited and irritable, while the fresh and transparent colors in the home can help remove the irritable mood.

Change the colors of curtains, bedding, sofa covers and other home furnishing to add coolness to the home.

Popular in spring and summer 2020Mint GreenThere is a sense of vitality in the green department, which makes people feel bright in the home.

Clear water blueIt is a bit colder than mint green. It feels like sea water is flowing through the fingers, cool and breathable.

Classic, large areawhite, With gray and black, can also create a light, fresh home atmosphere.

Of course you can also chooseWood color, Arrange solid wood furniture for the home to create a natural sense of home space.

▲ Tumi Flower | Wilda Wooden Bed

2/ The best material for summer, cool and within reach

In addition to visually, in the sense of daily use, you can also choose some cool material furniture, so that the summer heat is farther away.

Cotton and linenThe sofa made of material is skin-friendly and breathable, cool to the touch and drives off the summer heat. Sit or lie, rest and chase dramas to play games, all are comfortable and comfortable.

▲ Tumi Flower | Nield Sofa

If you prefer fashionable and light luxury style, you can chooseMarble, metalThe furniture made of materials has a simple and neat appearance, and is full of rationality and calm temperament. It can bring a touch of coolness in touch and look.

3/ Green plant oxygen bar, cooling and cooling are indispensable

Properly adding green plants at home can add a forest-like breath to the home space. Usually tired of reading books and mobile phones, and seeing a piece of green plants, can also keep an eye.

In such a cool home space, about three or five friends,

Blow the air conditioner together and nibble the watermelon, you can also have the happiness of summer~