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Modern light luxury | Crazy heart! Elegant style of 142㎡

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-06

Speaking of gold, the first thing many people think of is probably"Golden Brilliant", "Earth Taste", and "Upstart" were rejected physically and mentally.

In fact, gold has always had a unique sense of luxury and gorgeous texture. With the change of aesthetics and the change of expression methods in decoration, light luxury is gradually welcomed, and gold can also be high-level and elegant.

1 / guest restaurant

NowadaysTengye Furniture, Foshan, ChinaThis home space shared has a clever application of gold.

The living room mainly uses white and gray leather sofas, with black irregular coffee tables, with brass decoration and lighting atmosphere embellish the sense of fashion in elegance and stability.

The dining room connects the living room with the kitchen. Warm golden lights, bright marble dining tables inlaid with metal lines, and leather dining chairs with metal feet are unified with the whole house color to create a romantic dining space. After a busy day, pamper yourself with a textured meal and have a sweet meal with your family.

There is a display cabinet at the connection between the dining room and the kitchen, which reasonably separates the kitchen and also facilitates storage and display of favorite items.

2 / Master bedroom

The master bedroom uses white and grey bedding, and the background wall is decorated with metal lines. The warm lighting atmosphere creates a delicate and comfortable resting space.

The bay window design adds a sense of relaxation to the bedroom. In leisure, simply looking at the scenery outside the window, or reading a book you like, is very comfortable.


The bathroom is mainly white, with golden elements added. It has a large hand-washing table and proper storage space. It rationally allocates various functional areas and enhances the user experience.

Light luxury has an exciting artistic sense,

If you also like this style,

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