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Modern light luxury home decoration interpretation of quality life

  • Author:Tengyi smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-18

Interior designIs an important part of the home environment,Modern home is mainly the use of space, furniturewithThe matching of decorative items reflects the beauty of the home environmentIn design, the elements of classic and modern are perfectly combined, and the designer can use a rational and wise attitude to interpret the occupants' high-quality and simple and comfortable life attitude.

One,concise: The understated luxury style focuses on the simplicity of hard decoration, but it is not as casual as the average minimalist style. inIn the "low-key luxury style" space, the seemingly simple and plain appearance often reflects a hidden aristocratic temperament, which is mostly derived from soft elements such as furniture, wallpaper, textiles, and fur. The simplicity of the hard decoration is more conducive to bringing out quality furniture and soft furnishings.

Second, the integration of modern and classical: The understated luxury style emphasizes the design principle of both modern and classical. The hard decoration emphasizes the modern design method. The classical style is reflected by the furniture and some soft clothes. It is an important feature of low-key luxury.

three,Warm and comfortable: The purpose of luxury design is to enjoy life. In addition to the luxurious vision that is full of eyes, the sense of luxury that satisfies the sense of body and mind is also crucial. Someone made a metaphor that in the cold winter, a top-class comfort cashmere can give you extremely gentle care. This is exactlyIn the realm of “luxury style”, we hope to create a warm environment where the body can be completely relaxed and feel comfortable without any restraint and pressure.

four,personalise: The low-key luxury style pursues the design that does not follow the inertia, and the pursuit of unique personality is the driving force of the low-key luxury style design. Designing high-quality private space does not require too many luxury items, and does not require excessively cumbersome details. It only needs to use a few unique and distinctive small items to show your taste and aesthetics. Very good.

The personalization of “low-key luxury style” can be embodied in a specific way, such as a custom-designed luminaire for a specific space, a painting made by a famous artist, and these non-reproducible items are “low-key luxury style” indoor space. The finishing touch.