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Modern minimalist home, simple and generous, soft and easy to match!

The new home decoration has chosen a minimalist style, whether it is hard or soft, it will bring minimalism to the extreme. The layout of the whole space is simple and clean, clean and refreshing. The simple and elegant interior layout gives people a sense of tranquility that returns to nature, so that the heart can follow the silence, so say goodbye!


Full view

The interior decoration of the new house, in addition to the TV wall brushed into gray, the other walls are completely shaved; the ground floor is fully paved with log flooring, supplemented by a simple and generous gypsum board ceiling; the indoor lamps are uniformly replaced by small downlights, and the whole space is simple and neat. Comfortable and generous.


living room

L-shaped fabricsofaPlaced against the wall, with solid color pillows and gray decorative paintings, simple and comfortable; the living room balcony is directly connected, and the living room is integrated into one, the whole space is spacious and bright.


Kitchen view



The layout of the restaurant is simple and generous and young and petty, creating the ultimate beauty through minimalist layout.



The kitchen balcony is directly opened, the console extends all the way to the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the other side directly vacates the washing machine. The white cabinet is complemented by a wooden floor with waxed oil, and a large floor-to-ceiling window is spacious and transparent.


Master bedroom


Master bedroom


Second bedroom


Guest bedroom

The decoration of these three bedrooms has the same purpose, and they have brought the minimalism to the extreme. The white walls, sliding door wardrobes, gypsum board ceilings and small downlights are simple and elegant, but they are full of texture and quite eye-catching.


Bathroom dry area


Wet area

The washing platform is directly external, and the floor of the shower room is raised to form an independent space. The overall layout is distinct and simple.