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Modern oriental style residence, add a bit of poetry to life

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-21

"Do notGet out of the city gallery and enjoy the scenery, and live in the downtown and get the pleasure of Linquan. "

People always yearn for nature, and the taste and philosophy of life hidden in the landscape.

As time goes by, this yearning is slowly and subtly integrated into the home space.

In the bustling and noisy city, when the oriental temperament aesthetics and the modern fashion lifestyle unexpectedly meet, the modern oriental style emerges quietly.

Home is not only a place to rest, but also a spiritual home with a sense of nature and art.

living room

The home space shared today gives a stable and elegant look.

The wall is mainly beige, with irregular gray horizontal stripes as the embellishment, and the black marble material as the interval, forming a quiet beautyThe "screen" divides space reasonably.

The round ornaments and large ink paintings against the wall are inadvertently full of ancient charm in the living room against the background of the wall."Landscape".

The living room sofa combining leather and wood, with a stylish black coffee table, looks elegant.

The metallic color in the jump is coordinated with the warm color scenery to create a stylish and warm living room atmosphere, which meets the comfort needs of daily living and is also suitable for meeting guests.


The dining room is connected to the living room, continuing the elegant style of the living room, with modern lighting, and simple dining tables and chairs, showing a relaxed lifestyle.

The carefully trimmed greenery around the window decorates the dining room and the scenery outside the window.

Family gatherings, dining or talking are accompanied by poetic beauty.


Changing the scenery, I came to the master bedroom, and at a glance I saw the unique canopy bed and ink paintings, combined with the wooden bedside table and lighting, full of retro flavor.

The greenery ornaments in the corner can be integrated into the quietness of a room, and they can also create a scene of their own, giving them a more elegant Chinese charm.


The cloakroom has a symmetrical design. The carpet is consistent with the bedroom style. The brown wardrobe from the sides to the top looks regular and neat, and there is plenty of storage space.


The bathroom has relatively few oriental elements. It has increased the use of wood finishes, mainly white and brown, metal colors as embellishments, and abstract and minimalist murals, which have both functions and aesthetics.

Find a home space that fits your life,

Add poetry and art to life.