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Moisture content-the culprit of wood cracking! ! !

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-07-31

For the majority of solid wood enthusiasts, if the high-priced solid wood furniture cracks, it will not only make people beloved, but it will inevitably be doubtful about the quality of the furniture. You can't help but throw a word on the merchants while beating your chest.MLGBZ, Could it be that I bought a fake? !

In fact, wood cracking is a normal phenomenon, and it is abnormal if it is not allowed to crack. And our various methods are changing the normal phenomenon. When you understand this, you may feel calmer when you encounter cracks.

Under normal circumstances, wood itself contains a certain amount of moisture, so it will be dried before the furniture is manufactured. This is well known. However, drying must comply with certain standards, even if the moisture content of the furniture material and the application The uniform moisture content of the regional atmosphere remains consistent.

Having said that, there are many reasons for the cracking of solid wood furniture. In addition to the factors of man-made damage and poor quality, the biggest culprit is temperature changes.

When buying solid wood furniture, assuming that there is no professional detector, it is difficult for customers to know whether the wooden furniture has reached the standard. However, we cannot ignore the importance of water content because it cannot be directly reflected.

Let's analyze the reasons for cracking of solid wood:

The wood is not completely monotonous

Assuming the monotonous quality of the wood produced by the manufacturer is not high, perhaps the monotonous aging time is lacking and then used for production, which will result in different moisture content in different parts of the furniture. When encountering environmental changes, the furniture will crack itself under the stress remaining in the wood.

The use of environmental humidity changes greatly

Even if the wood is made into furniture, it will still exchange moisture with the air in the environment, and will shorten and expand as the relative humidity changes. When the air is extremely monotonous, the furniture will lose moisture and shorten, and cracks may appear on the surface of the furniture. On the contrary, when the humidity increases, the furniture will absorb the moisture and swell slightly, thus returning to its original state.

Wood is very sensitive to temperature

The moisture content of wood has a great influence on wood. After the solid wood furniture is manufactured, the shape and raw materials will not be changed. At this moment, the key factors that determine the internal quality of solid wood furniture are primarily the moisture content and monotonic stress of the wood.

Moisture content control is an important part in the production and processing of solid wood furniture, and it is also a difficult part to control. In China, due to the difference in humidity between the north and the south, the requirements for the moisture content of wood are also different.

Wood placed in a certain environment, after a satisfactory long time, its moisture content will tend to an equilibrium value, which is called the equilibrium moisture content of the environmentEMC.

That is, under certain air conditions, the final moisture absorption and stable moisture content or desorption stable moisture content of wood is called the equilibrium moisture content of wood(Wood moisture stability). When the moisture content of the wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the moisture will be shortened, and vice versa, it will swell.

Therefore, the monotony of wood should be appropriate, not as dry as possible. Different regions and different uses have different requirements for wood moisture content.