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Mother's Day | Turning love for her into everyday life

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-05-09

I heard that God can't be everywhere, so I created Mom. Even at the age of her mother, her mother is still the patron saint of her mother. The word "mother" just called, and I felt sore in my throat. Mother, the most powerful name.

-"Please answer 1988"

The years pass by in a hurry, and it seems that everyone is not very gentle.

It is a carving knife that never stops, transforming us from children to adults.

It is also the starlight falling slowly, dyeing white mother's temple hair quietly.

But no matter how rushed forward, maternal love never changed.

When staggering, she always follows;

Her childhood bedtime is always accompanied by her story;

When she comes home from school, she will make a delicious dinner;

When traveling away from home, she packed her family and love into the wandering bag.

From the moment of landing to the moment, mother's love is hidden in every day.

Another year Mother's Day is coming, love is not limited to festivals, don't let gratitude and companion come too late.

Now for us, turn the love and care for mother into everyday life that you can see, hear and feel!

In the living room, chatting with her

Everyone's mother seems to be nagging.

In the past, she was always so busy that she did not forget to change"Getting up, wearing more clothes, eating, writing homework" hangs on your lips, you may also get bored.

But now the number of returning homes has decreased, how long has it been since I've been chatting with her and listening to her nagging?

You don't have to choose a day, every time you go home, take some time, sit with her on the living room sofa, talk and talk.

When she was a child, she could always tell a lot of colorful stories, and now we can also tell her the colorful world we see.

Florence sofa | Tell your heart

In the restaurant, to eat with her

For many people who leave home, the taste of the home is the few home cooking dishes made by their mother.

She always asks before we go home"What do you want to eat", even list "menu".

The kitchen is busy, only for children to eat their favorite meals when they go home.

In fact, the food she likes will not be difficult, we can also cook a meal for her and finish it slowly with her.

For mothers, our craftsmanship may also be an unforgettable taste.

▲ Dining chair | taste of home

On the balcony, accompany her to watch the sunset

In the impression of many people, the mother's life may always be surrounded by rice, oil, salt and trivial life.

Her little hobby was hidden, and she would ignore it if she didn't pay attention.

She may also like occasional small surprises and small romances.

Buying a bouquet of flowers for her, or sitting with her on the balcony at sunset to watch the sunset, is a romance, enough to make an ordinary day sparkle.

Eames recliner | Everyday Flash

Where the mother is, it is where the heart is.

This mother's day, Don't let love stay on social platforms, give her some more company!