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New | Warm winter with family, choose it!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-29

At the end of November, time seemed to be quietly installed on the accelerator, and flew towards the end of the year.

The temperature has dropped a little, and the people of Guangdong, China have felt the traces of winter approaching, and the day of heating and shaking will come again.

I have seen a sentence: the significance of the existence of cold should let us look for warmth.

Everything is quiet in winter, in addition to warm quilts, warm-colored furniture can also heal you.

"Tengyu Nordic style solid wood sofa"C debut, there is a warm atmosphere when you open the door!

Made of solid wood, warm propertiesUP

The icy coldness everywhere may make you need courage to even open the iron door handle.

And wooden utensils, not so"High cold."

The main body of the sofa is made of solid wood, the material is tough and fine, and the texture is clear.

The solid wood has a warm color and temperament. When it meets the rare sunlight in winter, it drives the cold together and brings some vitality to winter.

Thick cushion, sitting feelingAmazing

Winter is a season of laziness soaring.

Many times, find a comfortable position, you can paralyze for a long time.

This sofa is full of thick and thick cushions, which can contract all your laziness, high-quality sponge filling, soft and hard, moderate, long-term sitting is not tired.

The backrest and pillow are also part of the comfortable sitting feeling. The doll is filled with cotton, just like the baked sweet potatoes just opened in winter, soft and glutinous.

Side storage for easy storage

You may not find the remote control often, it takes a long time to go to the last magazine...

In fact, these small objects can be stored in the side storage space of the sofa.

Leaning on a round armrest to read a book, put it away when tired, convenient and practical.

Choose it, heal yourself in this winter, and warm the winter with your family!