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New high! 2022 PANTONE is popular ~

  • Author:Tear
  • Release on:2021-12-27

>unconsciously2021 has entered an end>

>Brand-new2022 is coming soon>

>At the end of the year, the new old alternation>

>One-year degreePantong epidemic>Also come!>



>Global Color AuthorityPANTONE>

>Recently released2022 representative color - Changchun Blue (Very Peri)>

>Different from the popular color of the year>

>This isPANTONE creates a new color for the first time>

>Reflecting global innovation and transformation>

> >

>After the era>

>Virus that cannot be eradicated is like a cold, like a cold>

>Bring a layer of gray tone to the world>

>Therefore, the future of the future is a tone with hope attribute.>


Changchun flower blue>Based on the basis of purple red

>Also included in blue qualities>

>Show the attitude of the opportunity, pleasure and vitality>

>Ability to encourage creative spirit, curious and interesting>

> >

>It is like a long spring flowerromantic>

>People think of the warmth of flowers>

>It is like the Auroraity of the distant days of pour.>

>Between blue and purple,Dream and amazing>

> >

> >

>Rich and layer of long spring flower blue>

>In fashion, design, art, packaging, home, etc.>

>Can be used very well >

>Create a different senior sense>


>(G IF>)>

In the fashion

>Changchun flower blueElegant and cold>breath>

>At first glance, it is the feeling of fairy.>

>The details will not lose gentle and smart>

> > >

In space design

>Whether it is a large area application or small area embellishment>

>Changchunhua Blue can bring a bright visual effect>

>it can beSweet cure>of>

>Build a placeComfortable>Space>

> >

>It can also beMysterious psychic>of>

>SpaceFuture and new vision

>Explore more space design>




>Popular color every year>

>Every color>

>Have special symbols and meanings>

>Inspiring fashion trend>

>Communicate new space emotions and attitudes>





D & u Global Designer Joint Brand

"Wan Lao" new product series online

>Draw inspiration from every daily>

>By understanding and reconstruction of color>

>Show unique design and match>

>Leading modern home>new fashion>

> > > >


- END -